Graphic Designing Department

Head of Department:ass. prof. Magdalena Wosik


Studio of Primary Education

ass. prof. Artur Skowroński
ad. Tomasz Pietrek

Studio of Lettering and Typography

ass. prof. Andrzej Moczydłowski
lect. Jacek Kotowicz

Studio of Graphic Design I - diploma awarding

Prof. Jan Jaromir Aleksiun
as. Joanna Skrzypiec

Studio of Graphic Design II - diploma awarding

Prof. Eugeniusz Smoliński
ass. prof. Łukasz Paluch
as. Joanna Jopkiewicz

Studio of Graphic Design III - diploma awarding

Prof. Ludwik Żelaźniewicz
ass. prof. Magdalena Wosik
as. Damian Langosz

Studio of Graphic Design IV - diploma awarding

ass. prof. Tomasz Broda

Studio of Book Design

Competition for the position of Assistant Professor (adiunkt) postponed. Instead, a series of workshops run by visiting tutors have been planned.

Courses run in the Department

Information Technology

lect. Jacek Kotowicz

Computer workshops

lect. Jacek Kotowicz
technician stuff worker Marcin Kowalczyk



technician stuff worker Andrzej Włodarski

Computer workshops

lect. Jacek Kotowicz