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Graphic Design | Poster Studio

Graphic Design | Poster Studio

Diploma awarding Studio


ac. prof. Tomasz Pietrek ass. prof. Michał Matoszko, PhD


The poster as a metaphorical form based on mental shortcuts, reduction, synthesis and sign is the starting point for the activities and explorations in the Studio. Its tasks and programme balance between history, tradition and dynamically changing trends and market demand. Formally we try to think more broadly about the poster, not only as an autonomous, individual graphic expression, but a component of a larger whole - the identification of an event, product, exhibition. Not only the tasks are important, but also the creative process itself, a mature approach to the subject, conscious work with the material, and commitment. The studio puts emphasis on preparing students for independent work. The didactic offer addressed to students comprises both purely artistic and design-related practices. Graduates of the Studio should be qualified to present their own creative artistic expression, and be prepared to take up design-related work in the varied book and press publishing market, in printmaking studios and cultural institutions.


The idea of the Studio is to develop the student's abstract "poster thinking". In our projects, we put emphasis on in-depth observation of the environment, sensitivity to current problems, using shortcuts, looking for unusual associations (2 in 1), graphic puns - inventions, using humour, irony, metaphor in the spirit of the Polish Poster School. We also try to be open to new trends and projects. It is also important for us to look for solutions based only on the image according to the "less is more" principle, as well as to play skilfully with the image and word, using surprising punchlines and slogans. The themes in the Studio take into account current important issues and problems, individual predispositions of the student, as well as specific orders of the clients. Classes are conducted in the form of lectures, individual consultations, workshops as well as original meetings with poster artists presenting their achievements in the Poster Box Gallery.

The Studio supervises the Poster Box Gallery, which since 2012, in a cyclical manner, has presented the achievements of the most prominent national and international poster artists. The Gallery's activities are meant to be a clear sign in opposition to all the mediocrity of graphics flooding the Polish poster market. With its attitude and activities, the Gallery wants to draw the attention of the audience to "good poster design." Therefore, students of the Poster Studio have the opportunity to take a broader, practical look at artistic as well as design-related disciplines.


    Graphic Design | Poster Graphic Design | year III-V Graphic Design Basics | year I

ENROLMENT TERMS Portfolio review.


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