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Erasmus+ is a European Union programme that supports international cooperation of universitites, enables students to go abroad for part of their studies and traineeships, facilitates mobility of teaching and administrative staff of higher education institutions and gives universities the opportunity to participate in international projects.

At the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, the programme has been implemented since 2000 as part of Key Action 131 – mobility with programme countries. Since 2017, the Academy has also been cooperating with countries outside the European Union as part of the Key Action 171 – mobility with partner countries.

It is also possible to go abroad under bilateral agreements outside the Erasmus+ programme to study at one of the partner universities or for a month-long traineeship (workshops) in Knoxville.

Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator

mgr Anna Kida

phone: +48 71 34 380 31 ext. 232
phone: +48 71 33 44 732


List of universities

1. The list of the universities under the Erasmus+ Programme (Program Countries and Partner Countries) and bilateral agreements is available in the attachment below.

This is a collective list of the universities which students and/ or employees of the Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław can visit. The STUDENTS AND EMPLOYEES column (STA and/ or STT) informs who can go to the particular university:

  • S + E – students for studies and employees for teaching and for training - STA and STT;
  • S + STA – students for studies and employees only for teaching - STA;
  • EMPLOYEES – only employees or teaching and for training - STA and STT.

2. The traineeships database is a list of model institutions in which you can do foreign traineeships under the Erasmus+ Programme, available in the attachment below. We also encourage you to read the Erasmus Intern website on which the European enterprises announce their willingness to accept trainees and the database of traineeships in Slovakia.

3. Workshops take place at the university in Knoxville (University of Tennessee) each year in September. They are dedicated to students of the Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław who study Printmaking. The maximal number of students who can leave is two per year. More information here and in the attachment below.


Lista uczelni/List of universities
pdf, 747.03 KB
Lista uczelni/List of universities
Baza praktyk/ Traineeships database
pdf, 804.14 KB
Baza praktyk/ Traineeships database
Warsztaty w Knoxville/ Workshops in Knoxville
pdf, 765.91 KB
Warsztaty w Knoxville/ Workshops in Knoxville

Departmental Coordinators

Departmental Coordinators help Erasmus+ and ASP students establish their individual schedule at our Academy/ partner university, accept their Learning Agreement Before the Mobility and During the Mobility as well as accept their extension of the Erasmus+ exchange for the summer semester (if applicable).

Art and Design of Ceramics
Jakub Biewald

Art and Design of Glass
Antonina Joszczuk-Brzozowska

Art Mediation
Maria Bitka

Conservation and Restoration of Ceramics and Glass
Łukasz Karkoszka

Renata Wites-Krzyżanowska

Graphics: Graphic Design
Maciej Jaroszczuk

Graphics: Printmaking
Wojciech Kołacz

Alicja Pruchniewicz

Interior Architecture
Patrycja Mastej

Media Art
Maja Wolińska 

MFA in Visual Arts
Emilia Staniek

Łukasz Huculak 

Karolina Freino

Stage Design
Damian Banasz

Institute of Foreign Languages
Stanisław Chwiszczuk


Buddy Programme
Agata Sikora-Jańska


Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (2021-2027)
pdf, 1.24 MB
Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (2021-2027)
Erasmus Policy Statement (2021-2027)
docx, 15.42 KB
Erasmus Policy Statement (2021-2027)