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Graphic Interface Design Studio

Graphic Interface Design Studio

Diploma awarding Studio


ac. prof. Anna Trojanowska

ass. tutor Maciej Jaroszczuk, MFA


The aim of the studio is to educate conscious designers of graphic interfaces. Students focus on designing solutions which are to streamline products and improve functionality while maintaining an attractive graphic form. Completing projects, they learn about technological possibilities and limitations, requirements that evolve along with technological changes. Students make informed choices, taking into account the requirements, habits and behavioural patterns of well-defined clients/recipients/users.


In the studio, students carry out tasks related to designing website and application interfaces, starting from defining the user, their paths, planning functional mock-ups, through graphic components (icons, infographics...), to complex graphic solutions in the form of ready-to-implement projects. The process of execution of themes in the studio is linear: from the idea, through sketches, to the final graphic concept of a given website, interface element or application. The process involves frequent consultations aimed at finding logical errors, improving the design process, and broadening knowledge related to interface design based on specific examples.

Classes are conducted in the form of individual consultations (master-student), lectures and workshops, the form of which is adapted to the needs and requirements of particular tasks.


    Graphic Design - Graphic Interface Design | year III-V | full-time studies | the field of Printmaking

    Graphic Design | year III | full-time studies | the field of Media Art


A course to be taken in the third year of full-time studies at the Faculty of Graphic Arts and Media Art, the field of Printmaking.

The course is obligatory for third-year full-time first level students of the Faculty of Graphic Arts and Media Art, in the field of Media Art.

Knowledge of graphics software and software for designing prototypes of websites and applications (Adobe package, Sketch, Figma, InVision...).


Don Norman, Design of everyday things Jeff Johnson, Design with the mind in mind William Lidwell, Universal Principles of Design Dan Saffer, Microinteractions