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Postgraduate studies

'Interdisciplinary Printmaking'
Postgraduate Study Program in English at The Faculty of Graphic Arts and Media Art (one-year, part-time).



(inter-faculty didactical unit at the Faculty of Interior and Industrial Design)

Manager: prof. Michał Jędrzejewski

The basic form of instruction are classes offered for graduates interested in the problems of contemporary plastic arts and in the development of their own artistic predisposition.
The studies last two years (four semesters).
During the first semester participants become acquainted with the programme of 15 major studios, taking part in the following classes: ceramics, glass, sculpture, interior design, exhibition arrangement, fabric, computer ani-mation, internet graphics etc. At the same time they attend the classes on drawing and painting as well as on history of art and culture.
In the course of the second semester students choose their major studio and participate in theoretical classes (history of art and culture).
During the third semester participants may choose another major studio, while the programme of the classes on painting and drawing and history of art and culture is continued.
In the fourth semester, in the major studio, the concluding work is prepared. If the student has changed the major studio it is possible either to come back to the former one or to prepare the work in the studio chosen during the third semester. The classes on painting and drawing are continued. Also theoretical lectures are still provided and are concluded with a test.
The fourth semester closes with a review of conclusive major works and painting and drawing pieces. This open review is performed by an examination board. The works are appraised by the board constituted by all educators responsible for the major classes, the manager of the painting and drawing studio, representatives of the academy management and the manager of the Postgraduate College. On the basis of a secret vote the board decides on the marks.
Graduates from the College receive certificates of completing the Postgraduate College.

Those who have graduated from the College and are interested in continuing classes in the major studios may enrol in a two-year major specialisation, available also for the AFA graduates wishing to acquire an additional specialisation.

In the course of the academic year 2001/2002, as a result of agreement reached between the Chancellors of AFA, AM (Musical Academy) and PWST (State High Theatrical School) out-of-town branches, the Postgraduate Col-lege opened a "Study of Performance Space". Classes, planned for two semesters, are organised by educators from the three schools mentioned above and by lecturers invited from other artistic centres and institutions. Graduates from the AFA (plastic arts studies) may receive certificates of completing the above educational pro-gramme.

Prof. Michał Jędrzejewski is the Manager of the Postgraduate College.
The painting and drawing studio is headed by Prof. Leszek Mickoś.