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Erasmus+ studies


2023/2024 – recruitment March and September 2023



1.1 Students of any level (Bachelor, Master, Doctoral) and form (full-time, part-time) of studies who have not used the credit mobility awarded by the European Commission for mobilities in a given study cycle (see point 2) can benefit from the mobility abroad for studies within the Erasmus+ Programme.

1.2 Students of any level of full-time and part-time studies (Bachelor, Master, Doctoral) and form (full-time, part-time) can benefit from the mobility abroad for studies within the Bilateral Agreements. The period spent on the exchange is not included in the credit mobility.

1.3 The participant must have an active student status at the time of departure, i.e. must not be on a dean's leave, a sick leave or be a graduate.


2.1 For each level of studies, a student is entitled to a pool of 12 months of the credit mobility, which can be used for studies and/ or traineeships. In the case of long-cycle Master's studies, the pool is 24 months. Participating in the mobility under previous mobility programmes, i.e. LLP / Erasmus/ POWER and mobilities with a zero grant also count.

2.2 A student may participate in one or more mobilities within one study degree, provided that the credit mobility has not yet been used for other mobilities, and the period of the planned mobility does not exceed the credit mobility that the student has left to use. For example, if a Bachelor student has already used 8 months for mobilities under the Erasmus+ Programme, he/ she has only 4 months to use for the next mobility (studies or traineeships). With 4 months at their disposal, the student may only go to a university for which the period of a semester necessary to obtain credits does not exceed 4 months. If the semester lasts e.g. 5 months, the student cannot extend the scholarship by one additional month "on his/her own" in order to complete the semester.

2.3. During one academic year, a student may go once for studies and once for traineeships. Priority is given to students who apply for the first time.


3.1 The mobility can be carried out only in the semester specified by the Dean of a given faculty (see: “Mobility Table” – Attachment  No. 1 to the regulations).

3.2 At the time of departing, the student must be enrolled for at least the second year of the Bachelor’s studies.

3.3 The mobility for studies must last a minimum of 2 months (60 days).

3.4 The mobility can last one (winter or summer) or two semesters – in the latter case only within the same academic year (see point 11).

3.5 Before submitting the documents, the student is obliged to check when the semester begins at a given foreign university. This rule also applies to students who are on a dean's leave or a sick leave at the time of submitting their documents – they cannot apply to a university where a mobility begins earlier than the official end of the student's leave at the Academy in Wrocław.


4.1 The student can apply for a mobility to one of over 100 universities that have signed a cooperation agreement with the Academy in Wrocław. The foreign university must offer a related field and degree studied by the candidate at the Academy in Wrocław. The Academy in Wrocław does not sign new partnership agreements at the individual request of the student. The list of available universities is on the Academy’s website in the tab Erasmus+.


Erasmus+ Programme:

5.1. Individual support: Individual support is a partial contribution to the costs associated with a stay abroad. The amount of scholarship depends on the country of destination and the number of days spent abroad and is calculated with an accuracy of one day spent in the institution abroad according to the calculator prepared by the European Commission. A full month is counted as 30 calendar days and an incomplete last month of stay as the actual number of days.

5.2 The scholarship is paid in the form of a lump sum in the euro currency to the student's foreign exchange account. The scholarship is tax-free. The monthly amount of the scholarship was established by the Polish National Agency for the Erasmus+ Programme depending on the country:

Countries belonging to the group:

I group: Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden
Countries from the region 14: Switzerland, Faroe Islands, Great Britain
Monthly rate in EURO: 550

II group: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, Malta, Germany, Portugal, Italy
Countries from the region 5: Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City
Monthly rate in EURO: 550

III group: Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Hungary
Monthly rate in EURO: 450

5.3 Travel: In addition, on the basis of a declaration of intent and presentation of a ticket to be inspected at the International Relations and Promotion Department, the student may receive:

a)  a one-time contribution for travel by environmentally friendly means of transport ("green travel") – see table below and
b)  individual support:

  • for 1 day for a round trip to countries less than 2,000 km away* – approx. 20 euros;
  • for 2 days for a round trip to countries more than 2,000 km away* – about 40 euros.
  • The additional day(s) for travel do not count towards the minimum duration of the mobility (60 days).

Green travel – travel using low-carbon modes of transport such as a bus, train, bicycle, carpooling (shared travel by people on the same route, for the same destination, in a car of one of the co-passengers). Travelling by plane, ship (boat, ferry), car or motorbike is NOT green.

* The amount of the travel grant depends on the distance the student has to cover from Wrocław to the destination city. The distance is calculated according to the calculator developed by the European Commission, located at:

5.4 Students who are in a difficult financial situation and have a valid certificate of the right to receive the social scholarship at the Academy and/ or students with valid disability certificate will receive an additional amount of 250 euros for each month of stay. To do this, they should receive a signature on the application form from the Study Organisation Department: Social and material support for students.

5.5 The entire scholarship is made up of funding for individual support and an optional travel grant, and an optional additional amount of support for students with social scholarship/ disability certificate. The scholarship is paid in two installments: the first installment is 90% of the total amount, paid at the beginning of the mobility after sending the scan of the Confirmation of Arrival to the International Relations and Promotion Department. The second installment is paid after the final settlement of the mobility (see points 12 and 13).

Bilateral Agreement:

5.6 In the case of a mobility within the Bilateral Agreement, the student is eligible for a scholarship for a flight ticket up to a maximum of PLN 2,000 and the reimbursement of the visa costs on the basis of the proof of payment presented to the Financial Department. Other costs such as accommodation or maintenance are borne by the student from his/her own resources. Students receiving a social scholarship and disabled students do not receive additional funding.


5.7 During the mobility, Academy’s scholarships such as social, rector’s, etc. are still paid to the student.

5.8 Students of paid studies must pay the tuition fee for the semester of their exchange before departure.


6.1 The recruitment is based on recruitment documents submitted to the International Relations and Promotion Department (room 217) until:

a)  March recruitment: 08.03.2023 until 2:00 pm.
b)  September recruitment for students of supplementary Master's and doctoral studies who have completed the previous cycle of studies at a university different than the Academy in Wroclaw: 13.09.2023 until 2:00 pm.

6.2. The recruitment documents:

a)  application form with the signatures of the professor from the main studio and the Departmental Coordinator as well as with a grade average for the academic year 2021/2022 (or for the winter semester 2022/2023 for students of the first year of Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral studies), confirmed by a stamp of the dean's office. The lowest accepted grade average is 4.3;

b)  confirmation of a passed language exam from the Institute of Foreign Languages or a copy of a certificate which exempts from a language exam. The lowest accepted grade is 4.0. Exams will take place on 27.02–03.03.2023. Detailed information (certificates exempting from the exam, texts on which the exam will be based and IFL contact persons’ emails) is available on the Academy’s website in the tab “Institute of Foreign Languages”.

  • In order to register for an exam in a chosen language (English, French, Spanish, German) a student should fill in a questionnaire available on the website:;
  • Students who will study in their native language are exempted from language exams;
  • Students of the English studies are exempted from language exams provided that they submit a certificate proving their knowledge of English. If lectures at the foreign university are conducted in French, Spanish or German, students must take the language exam from that language.
  • cover letter – the Academy does not propose a template, the letter should have the form of an application to the Recruitment Committee and contain substantive reasons for applying for a mobility. Technical guidelines: ½ A4 page, font: Times New Roman 12, spacing: 1.5;
  • portfolio – up to 20 works in the PDF/JPG format in a ZIP file should be sent at;
  • data processing consent;
  • doctoral students: confirmation from a partner university about the mentoring of the doctoral dissertation. Before submitting the recruitment documents, doctoral students must on their own find a professor at a given partner university who will take care of their doctoral work during the exchange. To do this, they should contact the coordinator of the IRO of the partner university and send their doctoral dissertation summary in English.

6.3 All forms are available on the Academy’s website in the tab "Erasmus+ studies".

6.4 Original documents should be left at the reception desk in a covert/ envelope/ folder stating that they are for the IRO or sent by post to the Academy’s address, or delivered in person to the IRO. Documents incomplete, without the required signatures or submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

6.5 The Recruitment Committee's sittings will be held on:

a) March recruitment: 10.03.2023 at 9:00 am;
b) September recruitment: 15.09.2022 at 9.00 am.

The Recruitment Committee consists of the Departmental Coordinators, the Vice-Rector for International Relations and Promotion, the Vice-Rector for Education and Student Affairs, the Head of the International Relations and Promotion Department, the Head of Doctoral Studies, the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator and a representative of the student government. The recruitment results will be announced within a week of the Recruitment Committee’s sitting and sent by e-mail directly to the student.


7.1 Points for a grade average:

  • 4.30 – 4.60 – 1 point
  • 4.61 – 4.90 – 2 points
  • 4.91 – 5.20 – 3 points
  • 5.21 – 5.50 – 4 points

7.2 Points for a foreign language grade:

  • 4.0 – 1 point
  • 4.5 – 2 points
  • 5.0 – 3 points
  • 5.5 – 4 points

7.3 Points for participation in the Buddy programme:

  • YES – 1 point
  • NO – 0 points

7.4 Points for being a speaker in the meeting “Share your experience!”:

  • YES – 1 point
  • NO – 0 points

7.5 Points for portfolio (admitted by each member of the Committee and divided into the number of members):

  • Unsatisfactory – 1 point
  • Poor – 2 points
  • Satisfactory – 3 points
  • Good – 4 points
  • Very good – 5 points
  • Excellent – 6 points


7.6 A maximum of 16 points can be earned.


8.1 If a candidate's application is rejected by the Recruitment Committee, the candidate has the right to appeal against the Committee's decision within one week from the date of the announcement of the results. The decision will be announced within one week of the receipt of the appeal.


9.1 The positive decision of the Recruitment Committee is followed by the second stage of the recruitment, which consists in nominating the student by the IRO to a foreign university. The student is obliged to familiarize himself/ herself with the recruitment procedure of a given foreign university and send the necessary recruitment documents directly to the foreign university. The mobility can be realized on condition that the student is accepted by the foreign university.

9.2 In the case the student is not accepted to a given university, he/ she can apply for a mobility to another university, provided that the place has not been taken by another student and the deadline for submitting documents has not been exceeded.

9.3 After a written acceptance from the foreign university of admission for studies, 2-3 weeks before departure the student should fill in and/ or deliver to the IRO:

Erasmus+ Programme: a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, j
Bilateral Agreement: a, b, c, d, f, h, I, j

a)  document from a foreign university confirming admission for studies (Letter of Acceptance/ e-mail);
b)  bank account details form (a form with bank details necessary to transfer the scholarship; required foreign currency account (euro) in a bank with headquarters in Poland);
c)  application for the permission to the mobility;
d)  copy of an insurance policy valid in the country of the mobility throughout the whole period of the mobility:

  • health insurance coverage and
  • liability insurance coverage (covering damages caused by the student at the study place) and
  • accident insurance coverage related to the student's tasks (covering at least damages caused to the student at the study place).

ATTENTION: The EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card) only takes into account the basic health insurance. It may be obtained at NFZ facilities and a certificate needed to obtain the card is issued by the IRO;

e)  declaration of intent;
f)  Learning Agreement for Studies Before the Mobility signed by the student, the Academy’s Departmental Coordinator and the foreign university;
g)  internet language test on the OLS platform in a language that is required in a given institution. The test lasts about 40 minutes and does not affect the student's qualification for a mobility, it only determines the language level on the basis of which the student will receive a license for an online language course. The test is not filled in by native speakers, Instructions to the test are available here;
h)  students with Polish citizenship: it is recommended to register in the Odysseus service run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:;
i)  polecenie wyjazdu służbowego za granicę (travel order);
j)  sign a Grant Agreement personally at the IRO. The agreement can be signed no later than one week before the start of the mobility. If the students does not provide the required documents, the agreement will not be signed, the mobility will not be completed and the scholarship will be canceled.

NOTE: Any payments connected with the mobility (e.g. payment for accommodation or a plane ticket) made before the signing of the Grant Agreement are the sole responsibility of the student. In the case the agreement cannot be signed (e.g. lack of the Dean's final consent, lack of a semester’s recognition before the mobility, failure to submit documents on time), the university does not reimburse the student for the costs he/she has already incurred.

9.4 All forms are available on the Academy’s website in the tab "Erasmus+ studies".


10.1 A student is obliged to study courses as close as possible to the field of study studied at the Academy in Wrocław. The list of courses must be consulted with the Departmental Coordinator on the basis of the study programme valid for the given semester. In addition, under the Erasmus+ Programme, students must obtain at least 30 ECTS credits per semester and in the case of mobilities based on bilateral agreements the student must obtain the minimum number of local credits required to complete a semester at the partner university. In the case of obtaining a smaller number of points, the semester will not be recognized unless the Dean decides otherwise.

10.2 A list of courses, so-called Learning Agreement for Studies Before the Mobility along with the specified number of ECTS points must be completed and signed by the student, the Academy’s Departmental Coordinator and the foreign university before the student’s departure.

10.3. Any changes to courses should be reported to the Academy’s IRO within five weeks of the beginning of the student's mobility at the latest on the appropriate form, i.e. Learning Agreement for Studies During the Mobility. Changes introduced after the deadline or without consulting the Academy’s Departmental Coordinator may result in lack of the semester’s recognition and the scholarship’s return.

10.4 On the basis of completing the courses specified in the Learning Agreement for Studies After the Mobility or Transcript of Records, the Dean of the Academy recognizes the student’s mobility abroad without having to make up for programme differences. For this purpose, the IRO issues a document called Completion of the semester with subjects studied at a foreign university, completed in English and Polish.

10.5 In the case of failure to complete the semester at the foreign university, the student is obliged to complete some or all of the courses at the Academy in Wroclaw after returning from the exchange. In order to do so, he/ she should contact the Dean of the given faculty.

10.6 Instructions on how to fill in the Learning Agreement for Studies Before the Mobility and the Learning Agreement for Studies During the Mobility can be found on the Academy’s website in the tab "Erasmus+ studies".


11.1 Students applying for an extension of stay under the Erasmus+ Programme and Bilateral Agreements for the summer semester of the academic year 2023/2024 must meet the following conditions:

a)  obtain a written consent of the foreign university (certificate with dates of the beginning and the ending of the summer semester – Exchange Extension Acceptance);
b)  obtain a written consent of the Dean of the given faculty and the Academy’s Departmental Coordinator (Application for the extension of the mobility);
c)  submit the study programme for the summer semester to the Departmental Coordinator for his/ her approval and signature (Learning Agreement for Studies);
d)  buy health, civil liability and accident insurance valid for the entire duration of the summer semester, ifthe insurance purchased for the winter semester expires before the end of the summer semester;
e)  extend the duration of the mobility in the OLS system.

11.2 The complete set of the above-mentioned documents should be delivered by 15 December 2023 to the International Relations and Promotion Department. The student will be informed of the final decision by 22 December 2022 by email from the IRO.

11.3  The mobility may only be extended from the winter semester to the summer semester within the same academic year on condition that the “Mobility Table” provides for the realization of the mobility in the summer semester in the given field of study.

11.4  The mobility will be extended only if the winter semester is passed.

11.5 In the case of extending the stay under the Erasmus+ Programme, the student will receive funding for the entire duration of the summer semester. whereas no additional funding is available for extending the stay under a Bilateral Agreement. In both cases the IRO will issue an annex to the Grant Agreement.

11.6 All forms are available on the Academy's website in the tab "Erasmus+ studies".


12.1 If the expected period of stay will be longer than the one specified in the Grant Agreement, then:

a)  The Academy in consultation with the student may change the agreement only during the student's mobility to cover a longer stay. In such a case, please contact the IRO which will issue an annex;
b)  or the Academy may agree with the participant during the mobility that the additional number of days will be considered as a zero grant period (period of stay not covered by the grant).
c)  NOTE: The amount of the grant cannot be increased after the mobility.

12.2 With respect to the agreed minimum duration of the mobility (60 days), if the confirmed period of stay on the certificate from the foreign university (Confirmation of Exchange) will be shorter than the one specified in the Grant Agreement, then:

a)  If the difference is greater than 5 days, the grant will be proportionally lower;
b)  If the difference is 5 days or less, the scholarship will not be reduced.

12.3 If the student terminates the agreement due to "force majeure", i.e. an unpredictable, exceptional situation or event beyond the student's control, which is not the result of his/ her error or negligence, the student will be entitled to receive the amount of the grant corresponding at least to the actual duration of the mobility period, and the rest of the grant will be paid back to the Academy. Such cases must be reported by the Academy to the Polish National Agency for the Erasmus+ Programme and require its approval.


13.1 In order to account for the mobility the student is obliged to:

a)  submit to the IRO a certificate of completion of studies with the exact dates of the semester on the foreign’s university headed paper (Confirmation of Exchange);
b)  submit to the IRO a document confirming passing the semester on the foreign’s university headed paper (Learning Agreement for Studies After the Mobility or Transcript of Records). The document is an integral part of the Learning Agreement for Studies Before the Mobility and During the Mobility. Subjects written here must coincide with subjects agreed in the previous versions of Learning Agreement. The Dean reserves the right not to recognize the semester in the case the completed subjects or their ECTS points differ from the previously agreed;
c)  Erasmus+ Programme: fill in an online EU Survey from the stay abroad. The survey is sent automatically to the student's e-mail account at the end of the mobility. If at the time of completing the survey the student has not yet received the information about the completion of the semester, he/ she should leave the recognition part and complete it after the decision making process, logging in to the survey again.
d)  Bilateral Agreement: go to the Financial Department and collect the document Rozliczenie kosztów zagranicznej podróży służbowej zrealizowanej na podstawie polecenia służbowego za granicę (”Settlement of expenses for a business trip abroad”).

13.2 All documents must be completed/ delivered to the IRO no later than 4 weeks after the end of the mobility. Otherwise,  the Academy has the right to require from the student that he/ she returns all or part of the scholarship.


14.1. The student has the right to resign from the mobility. A written resignation form should be submitted to the IRO until 14 April 2023 when leaving in the winter semester and until 15 September 2023 when leaving in the summer semester. If the student fails to deliver the required documents by the given date, the scholarship is automatically cancelled. In addition, the student who does not submit the resignation form, in the next academic year is not allowed to apply for a mobility.

14.2 If the student resigns due to taking a dean's leave or a sick leave in the planned semester of the mobility, the mobility is automatically cancelled and the student is obliged to provide the IRO with a resignation form. However, such a student has the right to apply for a mobility in the following academic year and take part in the recruitment process while on a leave.

The regulations were approved by the Academy’s legal representative on 16 November 2022.

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Application form for studies
doc, 79.5 KB
Application form for studies
Application for the extension of the mobility
docx, 15.85 KB
Application for the extension of the mobility
Application for the permission to the mobility
docx, 16.65 KB
Application for the permission to the mobility
Bank account details form
doc, 53.5 KB
Bank account details form
Confirmation of Arrival
doc, 75 KB
Confirmation of Arrival
Data processing consent
doc, 62.5 KB
Data processing consent
Learning Agreement BEFORE bilateral
doc, 72 KB
Learning Agreement BEFORE bilateral
Learning Agreement DURING bilateral
doc, 73 KB
Learning Agreement DURING bilateral
Mobility Table
pdf, 514.56 KB
Mobility Table
Declaration of intent
doc, 66.5 KB
Declaration of intent
Resignation from the mobility
doc, 29 KB
Resignation from the mobility

How to fill in the Learning Agreement for Studies?

We encourage you to read the instructions to the Learning Agreement for Studies, which will help you complete the documents before, during and after the mobility.


Instruction to the Learning Agreement for Studies
pdf, 873.09 KB
Instruction to the Learning Agreement for Studies