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Recruitment of foreign students

The studies at the Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw are available in Polish. Foreign students are obliged to have sufficient Polish knowledge to follow lectures and take care of their administrative matters.

We offer also study programs in English: MFA in Visual Arts, interdisciplinary PhD and Interdisciplinary Printmaking (non-degree).

Recruitment of foreign students wanting to study in Polish

Foreign students are admitted to study at the Academy provided
- they are granted a visa or residence permit or any other document permitting them to stay in the Republic of Poland
- they are in good health condition documented by a medical certificate stating no contraindications for studying at a selected faculty and sort of instructions
- they have an insurance policy in case of an illness or consequences of accidents for the period of study in the Republic of Poland or European Health Insurance Card, or a document confirming the accession to the insurance in the National Health Fund (NFZ).

1. Foreign students are required to take an entrance exam which comprises the review of their works and practical exam.

2. They are also to submit the documents specified in the information booklet (a photocopy of an ID substituted by a photocopy of a passport)
A candidate’s application can be submitted on the form of Ministry of Science and Higher Education for foreigners (available in Polish diplomatic institutions outside Poland).

3. Foreign students submit:

a. documents concerning their education (certificates, diplomas, supplement) officially approved (or apostille) stating (or confirming on a separate document) their right to admission to schools of all types in a country where certificates (equivalent of Polish secondary school-leaving exam)are issued by a suitable institution. In this case Board of Education is the competent authority in this country.

b. certified statements about the level of knowledge of Polish language to enable the study; or obtain a certificate in Polish language knowledge.

For MA studies students submit:
c. officially approved diploma or apostille or any other document certifying the completion of studies abroad, which entitles candidates to MA studies (equivalent of Polish diploma of completion of BA studies ; according to the regulations of the official recognition of the diploma of completed studies abroad )

4. In exceptional cases a candidate can be allowed to take an exam according to the sent portfolio.
A decision of the portfolio acceptance is taken by the dean.
Faculty Enrolment Board decides if the candidate is admitted to the practical exam.

5. Foreign students take the practical exam at the date which applies to all candidates.

6. The candidate is admitted to the Academy while obtaining appropriate number of points at particular stages (according to the regulations of a faculty).

7. Foreigners receiving a scholarship of the Polish Government and those whose tuition fee is in foreign currency are admitted beyond the enrolment limit for Polish students.

8. Foreign students comprise no more than 20% of the enrolment limit of the first year students of the Academy of Art and Design (ASP).

9. Polish citizens who completed high school education abroad or those living permanently outside Poland follow the enrolment regulations which apply to high school graduates in this country.
They also submit documents mentioned in point 3.

10. Foreigners and Poles living outside Poland can be admitted to a competitive entrance exam submitting a high school certificate from abroad stating that the high school completion certificate will be issued later, but not after the beginning of the academic year.