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International Relations and Promotion Department

We initiate, organize and coordinate activities related to the internationalization of the Academy and promotion of its teaching and artistic activities.

We coordinate the cooperation of the Academy with over a hundred foreign universities and cultural institutions within the Erasmus+ programme and bilateral agreements. We also recruit foreign students for interdisciplinary MFA studies in English.

We also initiate and support programmes of the National Agency for Academic Exchange, which not only enable the admission and service of foreign students, PhD students and teaching staff, but also contribute to the internationalisation and foreign promotion of ASP in Wrocław.

Our tasks also include the promotion of the Academy on the international and national stage, including the maintenance of the website and social media, production of promotional materials and gadgets and contacts with the media.

Vice-Rector for Foreign Cooperation and Promotion

dr hab. Michał Staszczak, prof. ASP

tel.: +48 71 343 80 31 ext. 323

Head of International Relations and Promotion Department

Aleksandra Zaczek

tel.: +48 71 343 80 31 ext. 239
mob.: +48 515 427 608


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