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System Design Studio

System Design Studio

Diploma awarding Studio


ass. prof. Łukasz Paluch, PhD

ass. tutor Joanna Jopkiewicz, MFA

ass. tutor Marta Przeciszewska, MFA


The programme of the Studio focuses on issues connected with planning and creating graphic systems constituting the basis for complex projects and solutions. We focus on the broadest possible spectrum of visual communication: from identification, branding, wayfinding to the design of visual settings for art exhibitions and publications. Our Studio is a response to the changing environment of the Graphic Design market, which requires total and responsive solutions.


Due to many years of experience in the profession, we are competent to transfer practical knowledge to students. We pay special attention to maintaining the principles of correct composition of objects on a plane, constructing and embedding the project on a geometrical grid, allowing the introduction of clear rules for managing graphic systems. On their basis we create system books, responsive layouts and mock-ups of publications.


    Branding Design | year II | mgr Joanna Jopkiewicz, assistant

    Graphic Design | year III| mgr Marta Przeciszewska, assistant

    Graphic Design | year IV | dr Łukasz Paluch, assistant professor | mgr Joanna Jopkiewicz, assistant | mgr Marta Przeciszewska, assistant

    Graphic Design | year V | dr Łukasz Paluch, assistant professor | mgr Joanna Jopkiewicz, assistant


The order of registration, an interview, portfolio presentation


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