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Students dormitory

Dom studencki, ASP Wrocław, ul. Henryka Pobożnego 9

Conditions habitable

The dormitory offers 81 places for both Polish and foreign students.

In disposal of inhabitants:

common room with TV, laundry room with washing machines, Internet, kit of bedclothes, lamp, pillow, blanket, drying room on the each floor there is artistic studios, kitchen with fridge, bathrooms

Price list

  • double room with bathroom ( 750 pln / month )
  • double room or triple room in module, one bathroom shared for 5 people (680 pln/month)
  • double room or triple room without bathroom ( 570 pln /month )

Disbursement rent of Dormitory exclusively credit transfer on account Academy of Art Design

Information about folding  of application on semester, academic year to Dormitory

The basis for awarding a place in the SH  is submission of a complete application, within the prescribed period: 

students and participants of doctoral studies until 30 June of this year,
foreigners studying on the basis of international agreements: 

  • until 30 June 2023 - for winter semester
  • until 10 December 2023 - for summer semester

  candidates admitted to the first year of studies until 25 August 2023

 Vacation accommodation 

On the holiday  day it is possible to rent accomodation in the  Dormitory 

Person wishing to stay in the Student Dormitory  are required to submit a reservation on line to the following address:

 We kindly invite you to contact us by phone  and  e- mail if you are interested in  renting a place in the room. 

 Information is provided by the Administration of the Student House from 7.00 - 15.00, 

Appealing people, nice atmosphere, artists

Student House ASP Wrocław

Student House ASP Wrocław


Administration Dormitory

ul. Henryka Pobożnego 9
50-241 Wrocław

Reception – 24/h
Phone +48 71321036

Administrator of Dormitory

mgr Magdalena Kowalczyk
phone: +48 71 321 55 68

The office is open for students : 7.00 – 15.00 ( Monday – Friday )


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Dormitory Application
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Dormitory Application