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Typeface and Publishing Forms Design Studio

Typeface and Publishing Forms Design Studio

Diploma awarding Studio


ac. prof. Andrzej Moczydłowski

as. tutor Maciej Majchrzak, MFA


The objective of the studio is to educate students in the context of the functioning of letters in a coherent system of consistently observed interrelations, which is the individual typeface. It is a combination of conceptual work (the idea for a typeface) with the application of previously learnt principles of letter construction, and sensitivity to detail (the implementation of that idea). A very important issue is the functionality of the typeface, i.e. the response to the design context, and legibility in the sense of both reading comfort and ease of character recognition.

In the publishing aspect, the Studio focuses on developing and deepening students' awareness and skills in creating a wide range of simple and complex publishing forms and developing their own language of design.


Typographic thinking, typographic workshop, typeface design, font creation. The studio focuses on experiencing and analysing typeface design issues and developing an awareness of their application in the context of a wide range of publishing forms.

Students experience a conscious and in-depth design and implementation process in the context of individual and group assignments oriented to collaboration with publishers, agencies and cultural institutions. They look for interpretativeness and experimentation in the approach to the space-time continuum of designed prints and publications.



    Graphic design

    Publishing Forms


Apart from their commitment and interest in designing typeface and publications, students aspiring to study in the Studio should demonstrate knowledge of graphic and editing software, basics of printing technology and digital printing. Their main design-related passions are supported and strengthened by developments in the areas of art, literature and science.


Cristóbal Henestrosa, Laura Meseguer, José Scaglione, Jak projektować kroje pisma. Od szkicu do ekranu Ellen Lupton, Thinking with type Gerrit Noordzij, Kreska. Teoria pisma Jost Hochuli, Detal w typografii Kimberly Elam, Siatki, czyli zasady kompozycji typograficznej Andrzej Tomaszewski, Architektura książki Michael Mitchell i Susan Wightman, Typografia książki. Podręcznik projektanta Nigel French, InDesign i tekst. Profesjonalna typografia w Adobe InDesign