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Bookbinding Workshop

Bookbinding Workshop


ass. tutor Anna Juchnowicz, PhD

Edwin Zapotoczny, MFA


In the Bookbinding Workshop, students acquire basic knowledge about manual work with paper. They learn about different types of paper, its properties - such as basis weight, fibre direction. They make their own notebooks, folders and boxes, learn how to handle paper and glue, and become familiar with the functions of different elements of a book. The Bookbinding Workshop also provides assistance in making works designed in other studios.


The workshop is mainly equipped with traditional manual tools such as a guillotine, scissors, presses, bone folders, glues, awls and others. Students bring in paper or finished prints - for example books - which they put into a final form in this workshop. They also learn about less typical forms and types of binding and bookbinding accessories. The workshop also provides assistance with works in which unusual materials are used. It also has its own collection of books on these subjects.




Application to the supervisors.


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FB Academic Circle of the Artistic Book