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Published 29 Jan 2024
5 — 26 Feb 2024
Opening: 05.02.2024, 4 pm

Neon ASP Wrocław Gallery

ul. Traugutta 19

SITES and ROOTS is a title that clearly refers to the theme of identity. The source of such an approach for the international exhibition at the NEON Gallery is precisely places, whose diversity turns out to be important not only in the context of the different origins of the artists taking part in the event. Sometimes they emphasise their belonging to places that are in fact phantasmagorias or spaces with specific parameters and location on the map, but through a kind of mythologisation, their character remains close to unreal.

The context of the places where the protagonists of our exhibition the artists meet from time to time and where their paths cross cannot be overlooked either. These places, specially marked, are imbued with a special energy.


The world is getting smaller and smaller, travel and relocation are becoming commonplace and easy. Migration, too, although often associated with misfortune and the need to flee, is nowadays a subject of constant comment, ingrained in the public consciousness. Let us not forget, however, these peregrinations, so essential to all imagination, which, by making reality extremely colourful and ambiguous, transport us to other dimensions – places where we are just as eager to put down roots.

Artists: Ioannis Anastasiou GR, János Kristóf Bodnár HU, Beata Fertała-Harlender PL, Csaba Fürjesi HU/A, Magda Grzybowska PL, Mariusz Kosiba PL, Vladimír Kovařík CZ, Cecília Kun HU, Alexandra Laurova BY/CZ, Marcin Michalak PL, Eszter Palik HU, Szabina Péter HU, László Sánta HU, Marek Sienkiewicz PL, Jozef Suchoža SK, Kinga Tóth HU, Miroslav Zelinský CZ.

Exhibition curators: Marek Sienkiewicz, Miroslav Zelinský, Vladimír Kovařík.
Cooperation: Magda Grzybowska

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