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International Exhibition of Contemporary Cast Iron Sculpture "Fe"

Published 31 Jan 2023
1 — 18 Feb 2023
opening of the exhibition: 02.02.2023, godz. 17:00

Neon Gallery
CSU Hall

Traugutta 19/21
50–416 Wrocław

🔥 The exhibition will take place in the Neon Gallery and the CSU Hall at the E. Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław (Poland) on February 1-18, 2023. Opening February 2, 2023 at 5 p.m.

🧐  As part of the International Exhibition of Contemporary Cast Iron Sculpture "Fe", you will be able to see the works of 45 artists from Poland, the USA, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Great Britain and China. The curators present a large variety of creative attitudes and a wide range of possibilities offered by the use of cast iron.

👉 The authors of the presented works are students and teachers of the Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, as well as foreign artists cooperating with the Foundry Studio of the Wrocław Academy.

Plakat promujący  Międzynarodową Wystawę Współczesnej Rzeźby z Żeliwa „Fe”

 💡  The Foundry Studio at the Eugeniusz Geppart Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, run by Michał Staszczak, Paweł Czekański and Hubert Bujak, has been active for many years. Workshops on creating cast metal sculptures are organized on a regular basis, during which works are made using traditional and experimental techniques. Cast iron is melted during spectacular demonstrations in open-air furnaces constructed at the Wrocław Academy (including a tilting furnace). Visiting artists, experts in the field of artistic metal casting, are invited to the studio. The studio hosts many events as part of the Festival of High Temperatures.

💥  Some of the works were also presented at the exhibition accompanying the ninth International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art in Berlin (September 2022).

👉 Curators:

Dr hab. Michał Staszczak
Mgr Paweł Czekański
Mgr Susanne Roewer

🤩 Artists: Cynthia Handel, Cheryl Redding Votzmeyer Rios, George Beasley, Erin Cunningham, Urmas Lüüs, Nils Hint, Jaroslava Prihodova, Susanne Roewer, Wayne Potratz, Robert Vlasak, Vaughn Randall, Erle Nemvalts, Kurt Dyrhaug, Merlin Meremaa-Piho, Eve Margus, Piret Hirv, Jenny Hager, Tamsie Ringler, Coral Penelope Lambert, David Lobdell, James Wade, Noah Kirby, Jono Retallick, Sławomir Biernat, Tomasz Bielecki, Jan Szczypka, Vladimir Kovarik, Ivana Slavikova, Jozef Suchoza, Marek Galbavý, Matej Frank, Michał Wasiak, Hubert Bujak, Michał Staszczak, Paweł Czekański, Andrzej Kosowski, Daniel Bąk, Hans Molzberger, Muchuan Wang, Cara DiStefano, Mateusz Dworski, Wojciech Małek and students of the Eugeniusz Geppart Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław.

🎯   Venue: Neon Gallery and CSU Hall, Traugutta 19/21, Wroclaw, Poland

⏰  Time: February 1 – February 18, 2023, opening on February 2, 2023, at 5 p.m.

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