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Dawid Żynda, !Gravitation

Published 29 May 2023
25 May — 6 Jun 2023
Exhibition opening: May 25, 14:00

Ośrodek Dokumentacji Sztuki (ODS)

Traugutta 19/21
mon.–fri. 8:00–15:00

We invite you for the exhibition by Ph.D. candidate of the Doctoral School of The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław.

"Welcome to the exhibition "!Gravity", where space, physics theories and artistic expression intertwine to ignite the imagination. The title of the exhibition comes from the central installation "!Gravity", symbolising my aspiration to become the first multi-planetary ceramic artist. This exhibition features a variety of artworks, each offering a unique perspective on the interplay between art, science and the wonders of the universe. 

Check out the "Black Holes" series, in which I capture the mesmerising moment when larger black holes engulf smaller or other celestial objects. Some of these works include glass event horizons that reflect light, creating a captivating visual experience.

Plakat do wystawy "!Grawitacja"

"Dimensions Entwined" is a captivating artwork inspired by the intricate concepts of string theory. Composed of six glass surfaces, each representing a distinct dimension, this work invites viewers to delve into the complexity of the universe. The ceramic strings, symbolising the fundamental strings that weave reality together, gracefully pierce through the dimensions.Through careful positioning, the glass panes offer a mesmerising perspective, allowing viewers to observe all six additional dimensions simultaneously from a specific angle. This unique vantage point reveals the deep interconnectedness and interwoven nature of the universe, according to string theory.

Introducing the "Cosmos" series, an exquisite collection of ceramic surfaces that draws inspiration from the boundless oceanic space of the cosmos. Each plane undergoes a unique process, starting with being thrown on a potter's wheel and then deliberately deformed to a flat surface. This deliberate distortion creates a sense of curved space-time, reflecting the enigmatic nature of the cosmos.

Text author: Chat GPT-3"

Dawid Żynda is studying under the guidance of ac. prof. Joanna Teper of Department of Ceramics.

Performans "!Grawitacja" / "!Grawitacja" performance
<p>Performans "!Grawitacja" /&nbsp;"!Grawitacja" performance</p>
Performans "!Grawitacja"Performans "!Grawitacja" / "!Grawitacja" performance
<p>Performans "!Grawitacja" /&nbsp;"!Grawitacja" performance</p>
Performans "!Grawitacja"Performans "!Grawitacja" / "!Grawitacja" performance
<p>Performans "!Grawitacja" /&nbsp;"!Grawitacja" performance</p>

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