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⋄⋄ Bad Groupy ⋄⋄ Jeff Surak ⋄ Kris Kuldkepp

Published 26 Jun 2023
Bad groupy
3 Jul 2023
godz. 19:00

Exit Gallery

Browar Mieszczański
Hubska 44/48
50-502 Wrocław

Walkmans, broken cables, egg-whisks, double bass, smartphones, effect pedals, copper poles, contact microphones, and more, belong to the collection of various sound making tools of the transatlantic experimental music duo Bad Groupy (EST/DE/DC). We combine free improvisation with programmatic constructs and everyday noises mutating into spherical soundscapes that fill simultaneously the physical performance space and listeners’ headspace with often familiar yet unique sound objects.

Bad groupy

Jeff Surak has been a fixture within the experimental community for many years, curating the Sonic Circuits Festival, programming for Rhizome DC, and running his own Zeromoon label. His own work manifests non-linear narratives through lo-fi techniques and archaic technologies.

Kris Kuldkepp is an experimental musician and performance artist based in Hamburg, Germany. She has performed at festivals such as JAUNA MUZIKA, StimmeX, Blurred Edges Festival, Piksel, Tallinn Music Week, and Estonian Music Days. Her solo work focuses on intersections between digital and interactive technology, DIY solutions and lo- fi equipment and double bass with centuries old traditions.

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