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If you are interested in studying at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław as an exchange student, first you have to check if your institution signed a cooperation agreement with our Academy.

If so, you have to contact your International Relations Office to enquire about the application procedure at your institution. After being officially nominated by your home university, we will contact you directly on your e-mail address.


The Academy provides instruction at five faculties on Bachelor, Master and Doctoral level (except diploma students):

More about each faculty and field of study can be found below in the attachment Recruitment Folder.



The exchange students can sign up only for one of the fields of study within Bachelor, Master or Doctoral degree programme which will be the main one. They should then attend most of the courses from this field of study. There is also the possibility to choose whichever course from whichever faculty, however the number of the courses from other faculties should not exceed the number of the courses from the student’s main field of study.

Please bear in mind that not all of the courses provided in the attachment below ("Course Catalogue") are in the English language, hence upon the arrival exchange students usually prepare Learning Agreement During the Mobility together with one of our Departmental Coordinators. The Departmental Coordinators are divided according to the field of study and they are the main persons at our Academy responsible for your courses and your schedule.


1. The deadline for sending applications:

  • for the winter semester: 31 May;
  • for the summer semester: 15 November.

2. The results of the application will be known within 4 weeks after the deadline:

  • for the winter semester: by the end of June;
  • for the summer semester: by the middle of December.

3. Academic calendar 2022/2023:

  • winter semester: 03.10.2022 - 05.02.2023;
  • summer semester: 13.02.2023 - 18.06.2023.
Foreign languages
  • If you want to develop your English, French, Spanish or German skills, you are invited to the Institute of Foreign Languages. For more information, please contact the Coordinator, Mr Stanisław Chwiszczuk.
  • It is also possible to attend the Polish language course for beginners that is available at our Academy for exchange students. It is free of charge, once a week (2 hours) with the final examination at the end, worth 2 ECTS points. If you wish to participate in the course, please mark it in your Application Form.
Grading system

Polish Grade: 5.5  | ECTS Grade: A  | Definition: Exellent – outstanding performance with only minor errors
Polish Grade: 5.0  | ECTS Grade: B  | Definition: Very good – above the average standard but with some errors
Polish Grade: 4.5  | ECTS Grade: C  | Definition: Good – generally sound work with a number of notable errors
Polish Grade: 4.0  | ECTS Grade: D  | Definition: Satisfactory – fair but with significant shortcomings
Polish Grade: 3.5/3.0  | ECTS Grade: E  | Definition: Sufficient – performance meets the minimum criteria
Polish Grade: 2.0  | ECTS Grade: F/FX  | Definition: Fail – considerable further work is required

Application documents

The list of documents you should send to our Institutional Coordinator is the following:

  1. Application Form (attached below);
  2. CV;
  3. Cover letter in English explaining why you want to take part in the mobility and what advantages you expect to get from it;
  4. English certificate at a minimum B2 level (not required if you are a native English speaker); OLS language tests will not be accepted!; if you do not have an international certificate, please ask your home university to issue a confirmation that you know English at a B2 level;
  5. Portfolio (PDF or website);
  6. Data Processing Consent (attached below);
  7. Scan of the passport or ID card;
  8. 1 passport/ ID photograph (JPG, 300 dpi, 300 x 375 pixels, max. 60 kB) needed for the student card;
  9. Dormitory Application Form (attached below) should be sent directly to the dorm: Please note that the dorm does not guarantee a room.

    Please send all the documents in one PDF file, except for the photo, which should be in the JPG format. The whole PDF application should not exceed 6 MB. Please do not send us files to be downloaded.

    The Online Learning Agreement for Studies should be created in the Dashboard system after the student has been accepted but before his/her arrival in Wrocław. Please note that it is signed by one of the Departmental Coordinators. The Instruction to the Learning Agreement is attached below - please read it carefully!


If you wish to apply for traineeships, please send your Application FormData Processing Consent and Learning Agreement for Traineeships BEFORE to the Institutional Coordinator.

More information
  • The only fee that you will be asked to pay as the incoming student is PLN 22 for the student card which confirms your student status in Poland. With the card the student benefits from a 50% discount in public transport and cultural institutions all over the country. 
  • For more information about courses, please contact our Departmental Coordinators.
  • For more information about documents and other practical matters, please contact the Institutional Coordinator.
  • Please see also: AccommodationRight of residence in PolandHealthcare & insuranceBe prepared for the exchange.
  • Please find below our Academy's Fact Sheet and the Guide.
  • If you wish to extend your mobility at our Academy from the winter semester to the summer semester, please fill in Exchange Extension Form attached below.


Application Form for Studies
docx, 35.73 KB
Application Form for Studies
Application Form for Traineeships
docx, 35.49 KB
Application Form for Traineeships
Course Catalogue
xlsx, 78.21 KB
Course Catalogue
Data processing consent
doc, 64.5 KB
Data processing consent
Dormitory Application Form
doc, 32.5 KB
Dormitory Application Form
Exchange Extension Form - foreign uni
doc, 53.5 KB
Exchange Extension Form - foreign uni
Guide 2021-2022
pdf, 2.19 MB
Guide 2021-2022
Instruction to the Learning Agreement for Studies
pdf, 877.6 KB
Instruction to the Learning Agreement for Studies
Learning Agreement for Traineeships - before
docx, 78.8 KB
Learning Agreement for Traineeships - before
Learning Agreement for Traineeships -after
docx, 70.25 KB
Learning Agreement for Traineeships -after
Recruitment Folder
pdf, 455.91 KB
Recruitment Folder
pdf, 393.95 KB