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Visual Communication Design Studio, diploma - awarding

ac. prof. Mieczysław Pir.g, ass. prof. Marta Płonka, PhD
ass. tutor Jarosław Kowalczyk

The studio's purpose is equip future designers in skills required for conducting independent creative work, pursuing research tasks in the field of visual communication. The Studio's program includes theory and practical work in regards to all aspects of design ranging from visual identification, communication graphics and the program also extends to subjects in the faculty of humanities, such as semiology (semiology graphics), psychology, sociology, aesthetics, logic, etc. There are also number of modules covering technical sciences and natural sciences. The tutoring program pays special attention to the design methodology and sensitizes future designers in the perception and understanding of the broader issues of social, economic and environmental frameworks. Classes at the studio include selected design topics such as: analysis and documentation of existing visual messages, analysis, design and graphic packaging of selected commodity groups, the creation of individual and complex visual messages, design and application of information systems based on set of characters in a particular subject, designing visual information within certain communication parameters, design, visual identification systems such as corporate image, corporate product development, etc.), design and graphic design packages of various structures.