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Supervisor in the Doctoral School

dr hab. Agata Szuba

Faculty of Graphics and Media Art. Department of Media Art.Studio of Intermedia Photography and On-camera Activities

Biographical note

Dr hab. Agata Szuba was born in 1985 in Olsztyn. A graduate of the University of Warmia and Mazury and the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław. Since 2014, she has been working as a scientific and artistic employee at the Department of Media Art at the Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, where she has been running the Studio of Intermedia Photography and On-camera Activities since the academic year 2020/2021. The author of theoretical texts on contemporary art; a participant of solo and collective exhibitions in Poland and internationally, including: South Korea, USA, Germany, Georgia, Japan, France, Great Britain. Member of the Scientific Society of Photography at the University of Arts in Poznań and the Association of Polish Art Photographers.


  1. The catalog of ceremonial activities, FF Gallery, Łódź [individual exhibition]
  2. Femine Flash Collection vol 3, Museum of Photography, Görlitz [individual exhibition]
  3. Polemic gestures, Foto-Gen Gallery, Wrocław [individual exhibition]
  4. NIE!/NO!/NEIN!/NON!, FASS Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey [individual exhibition]
  5. Inside/Outside, Honorable Mention, International Photography awards, Paris, France
Opieka promotorska

Language of consultations
Polish, English

Characteristic of the projects and research in which the PhD student is to be subsumed

Research projects, as part of group and individual art designs, refer to the phenomenon of the subject-object relationship (issues of feedback references in the aspect of personalization of digital media); issues of language, sense, content; anthropological issues and image interpretation; changing issues due to ICT progress, generation of view, transmission and ontological conditions of the contemporary artifact form and the function of art as an instrument expanding the sphere of public discussion.

Expected PhD student competences


  • Workshop skills (studio: photo/video; graphic programs: photo/video), enabling free artistic expression, consciously taking into account specific formal and aesthetic values.
  • Cognitive and practical skills of functioning in the art market.
  • Knowledge in the field of media art and photography in theory and practice, integrating various areas of perception and media creation in art and their connotations in contemporary culture.
  • Ability to critically analyze an artifact in order to determine the intentions of the sender, its meanings, social impact and place in the process of socio-cultural communication.
  • Eagerness to actively participate in the events initiated by the Studio, creating your own artistic activities.
  • The need for continuous enrichment of knowledge and research competences. Basic competences related to conducting research, solving them and independently drawing scientific conclusions.
  • The ability to present the results in the form of scientific writing. Artistic and scientific achievements, covering theoretical foundations and various creative activities.


Characteristic of didactic cooperation between the supervisor and the PhD student

  • The cooperation includes activities in the field of media art and photography, performance, integrating various areas of perception and media creation in art and their connotations in contemporary culture, aimed at conscious and active participation in them.
  • Practical application in artistic creativity of the theoretical justifications of the inter-media paradigm, conditioning the possibility of transferring the experience of traditional areas of artistic activity into a new plane of aesthetic interdisciplinary space, using traditional and digital media, as well as creating the possibility of creative use of new possibilities of contact with the recipient by introducing elements interactive.
  • Independent artistic and research work of the doctoral student under the supervision of the supervisor. Complementing domain and interdisciplinary knowledge. Corrections, discussions and discussions at every stage of the implementation: from the general ideological and formal concept through the design and implementation of the creative intention. The experience of art in its various aspects and materials, intermedia activities, broadening the areas of artistic exploration. Supporting self-reliance and the student’s creative initiatives.
  • Creating a space for developing social competences related to making artistic creativity available to the public and verbalizing one's theoretical position.