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Studio of Conservation Methodology and Ceramics Restoration


Michał Matuszczyk, PhD, prof.


During lectures and exercises, students will learn about the methods and means used in the past and present for the conservation and restoration of archaeological and contemporary ceramics. In addition, aging research of materials for the conservation and restoration of works of art is conducted. Students also learn methods of documenting works at the objects and issues related to the broadly understood protection of the National Heritage.


In the Studio there is specialist research equipment for aging tests and equipment analyzing changes resulting from the tests. Additionally, it is equipped with modern systems enabling safe conditions for work at historic and modern facilities. The Studio also has a private library rich in specialist collections, which can be used by students and employees.


    Methodology of ceramic conservation and restoration Conservation and restoration documentation Pigments and natural binders Conservation prophylaxis


A set of readings is included in individual syllabuses available in the Studio and in the Program Folder on the ASP website.