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Serigraphy Studio

Diploma awarding Studio

The objective of the Studio is to educate aware, open-minded students, responsible for making their decisions, who can express themselves freely in the screen printing technique as well as in their own techniques.


The studio follows a programme based on the screen printing technique, the essence of which is the transfer of broad technological knowledge - through the presentation of methods of professional and alternative preparation of screen printing templates as well as available printing possibilities. The knowledge gained in this way constitutes a foundation for the exploration of one's own means of expression. The works are the result of practical and theoretical experience gained in the Studio, and at the same time they emphasise the individuality of each student.


Artistic Printmaking - Screen Printing

    Enrolment terms

    Enrolment in the Studio is preceded by an interview and a review of the candidate's works.

    Reading list

    1. Adam R., Robertson C., Screen printing. The complete water-based system
    2. Czech G., Stankiewicz B., Sitodruk
    3. Janacek Z., Sibinsky M., ISSO. International serigraphy symposium Ostrava
    4. Lengwiler Guido, A History of Screen Printing: How an Art Evolved Into an Industry
    5. Catalogues of printmaking exhibitions and competitions, e.g. International Printmaking Triennial Cracow, Biennale of Student Printmaking Poznań