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Product Design Studio, diploma - awarding

ac. prof. Włodzimierz Dolatowski; ass. prof. Tomasz Gacek, PhD;
ass. tutor Renata Wites, Przemysław Wańczyk MFA

The Studio crafted their curriculum around the real needs of the industry, which applies to all aspects of design, from household items, recreational spaces, and tools used in urban design. The training program is focused on empowering the students with skills which will allow them to determine a design problem, find design solutions through continued self-development, define design objectives and generate response through design. Assignments and tutorials include production technology, documentation, technical design and modeling and prototyping, with particular emphasis on innovative solutions. The program curriculum includes all aspects of design, from concept development to presentation and design application, from modeling and prototyping, to design solution finding with particular emphasison innovation. The student will be encouraged to develop a strong awareness of the environment and creativity while applying their imagination. The department works closely with the business sector and prepares students for work in the design industry.