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Printmaking Expansion Studio

Diploma awarding Studio

Printmaking is one of the most important and common elements of contemporary visual culture. It is present in all aspects of social life, and therefore often goes unnoticed. The aim of education in the studio is to explore the wide range of possibilities offered by printmaking: starting with printing on paper, through ceramics, glass, foil, plexiglass, textiles as flat realizations (e.g. prints, stencils, sticker art) but also in a spatial version (graphic object, happening, ready-made industrial objects, site-specific).


In the Studio, we focus on experimentation and artistic creation, often on the borderline between printmaking and other activities. However, the basis for undertaking such activities is elementary knowledge and skills in using printmaking techniques acquired by students earlier or, for beginners, during courses in the Studio.


Artistic Printmaking The Basics of Printmaking


Enrolment to the studio is based on an interview with a candidate and a presentation of a portfolio (a digital version is permissible) or a specific project (this applies especially to students of fields other than printmaking).

Reading list

  1. Dorota Miłkowska (ed.), Wrocławska szkoła grafiki – historia, teoria, praktyka
  2. Adam R., Robertson C., Screen printing. The complete water-based system
  3. Czech G., Stankiewicz B., Sitodruk
  4. Lengwiler Guido, A history of screen printing: how an art evolved into an industry
  5. Catalogues of printmaking exhibitions and competitions, e.g. International Printmaking Triennial Cracow, Biennale of Student Printmaking Poznań