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Photographic Imaging Techniques Studio

Photographic Imaging Techniques Studio

Diploma awarding Studio


ac. prof. Czesław Chwiszczuk

ass. tutor Rafał Konrad Warzecha, MFA

master of the trade Tomasz Ostaszewski


The Studio of Photographic Imaging Techniques follows a programme based on non-stereotypical thinking about the photographic image, created as a result of a conscious combination of artistic means of expression and the medium, taking into account the multifaceted nature of contemporary photography and art in general. It is also profiled in relation to the programme requirements of the existing courses at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. An important part of education is the formation of the student's creative attitude based on the ability to formulate artistic expression and to conduct self-analysis and critical interpretation of created images. An important element of the Studio's programme is training in the basics and technology of photography, where apart from learning the technical aspect, students learn to use the technical means of photography as their artistic expression. Students also acquire skills in image recording and processing in digital and photochemical technology. In the latter, students become familiar with negative, positive, reversible, direct positive processes and special (Victorian) techniques.


The programme of the Studio is implemented through a series of lectures and classes. They influence the creative attitude and introduce students to theoretical and practical issues of studio, product, portrait, outdoor, landscape, creative, experimental and documentary photography with the use of digital and traditional cameras, small format, medium format, large format and home-made pinhole cameras (camera obscura, pinhole). The acquired knowledge will enable students to freely use the means of expression in photographic and interdisciplinary projects carried out independently.

The Studio is also home to the "SFERA" Academic Association of Imaging Technology. Students associated in it can take advantage of the technical facilities and substantive support of the teachers.


    Basics of Photography

    Basics of Imaging Techniques

    Techniques of Photographic Imaging

    Theory and Practice of Artistic Photography

    Classic Themes and Techniques of Photography

    Film Technology | the field of Stage Design

    Photographic studio | part-time studies | the field of Photography and Multimedia

    Doctoral Seminar


To enrol in the Basics of Photography course, general basic knowledge of physics and chemistry and basic knowledge of composition is required.

For the other courses it is necessary to obtain credits for the Basics of Photography course and to have general basic knowledge of physics and chemistry as well as basic knowledge of image composition.


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