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Welcome Week for international students 2024

Published 15 Mar 2024

From February 12th to 16th, over 30 international students who arrived for the spring semester under the Erasmus+ program had the opportunity to participate in an orientation week organized by the International Cooperation and Promotion Department with the support of the Student Council and Buddy Program participants.

During the 5 intense days, international students had the chance to learn more about studying at the Academy, to integrate, to get to know Wrocław better, and settle to their new surroundings.

As part of the Welcome Week, students took part in the following activities:

Welcome Day: Students were officially welcomed and received an information package. They also had the opportunity to tour the entire campus and socialize in a more informal setting at the "Sztuka na miejscu" event.

Wrocław Day: On this day, we explored Wrocław together with a guided tour of the historic part of the city. The day ended with a shared experience of making and enjoying pierogi together.

Art Gallery Day: We continued to explore Wrocław's cultural heritage by visiting the Racławice Panorama and the Four Domes Pavilion.

Integration Day: We had the pleasure of hosting representatives from the Nomad Association, which works towards the development of a multicultural society, and participated in workshops led by them.

Game Day: Students had the opportunity to take part in a city game that led them to discover hidden art treasures throughout Wrocław.

Once again, we warmly welcome our new students and wish them a fruitful and inspiring journey at our Academy!



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