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Welcome Week 2022

Published 04 Mar 2022
Kinga Bacewicz
Fotorelacja z Welcome Week 2022 A

Last week (21-25.02.2022) international students, who came for the summer semester within the Erasmus+ exchange, participated in a WELCOME WEEK organized by our Academy.

The meetings that were planned as part of this event were supposed to help international students to adapt to new academic environment. During the WELCOME WEEK foreign students participated in:

1. WELCOME DAY - in this day students got to know the Academy and received welcome packs and a set of key information.

2. WROCLAW DAY - on the second day of the Welcome Week foreign students took part in a Wrocław guided-tour. They got acquainted with the rich history and cultural heritage of the city. At the end of this intensive day of sightseeing all participants had the opportunity to taste traditional Polish dumplings in a restaurant on the Market Square.

3. ART GALLERY DAY - on this day foreign students visited the National Museum and the Four Domes Pavilion and they learnt about the achievements of Polish artists. In the evening they also took part in a meeting at the Sztuka na Miejscu gallery.

4. CULTURAL DAY - International Relations and Promotion Department organized workshops on intercultural communication, during which students had the opportunity to present information about their countries of origin and to confront their experience with Polish culture. All Welcome Week participants also took part in a quiz about on Polish culture and tradition.

5. GAME DAY - participants of the Welcome Week completed the route of the Academy city game and discovered art in the urban space of Wrocław. Their involvement was rewarded by a set of gadgets that promote our Academy.

In the event, that was financed by NAWA WELCOME TO POLAND program, took part 22 foreign students from Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Romania and Turkey.

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