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The second installment of the exhibition entitled OSAD

Published 09 May 2023

In the former Evangelical Augsburg Church in the town of Prószków (near Opole), the second installment of the exhibition entitled OSAD was opened as part of the "Sketches for Space" series. This time the exhibition has a collective character – it presents works of students, graduates and educators associated with the Sculpture Studio No. ½.

place: former Evangelical Augsburg Church, 6 Daszyńskiego St., Prószków
date: 28.04-21.05.2023
exhibition and cycle concept: Magda Grzybowska

authors of the works: Raul Cerqueira, Marcin Derda (gościnnie), Magda Grzybowska, Karolina Hyży, Karolina Kalocińska, Iren Kluiy, Alicja Kopczyńska, Jakub Łobocki, Christos Mandzios, Beatriz Prazeres, Aleksandra Pulińska, Łukasz Samotyha, Marek Sienkiewicz, Angelika Stefaniak, Angelika Tamkun, Urszula Urbanik, Zuzanna Zienkiewicz.

Druga odsłona wystawy pt. OSAD w ramach cyklu Szkice do przestrzeni

Sediment is a substance whose property can have very different sources – from natural to synthetic to supernatural – from material to spiritual to cosmic.
The formation of a sludge is part of a process that in itself – also does not have to have the characteristics of a material – it can exist on a mental, linguistic, philosophical level.
As such, it also has its own essential characteristics – it grows and disperses, accumulates and at the same time bears witness to decay.
It is a phenomenon that is as ephemeral as it is tangible, but in its substantiality – very impermanent.
However, the layers of sediment can already form a monolith, merge and integrate. Thus, the sediment is an unrecognized and unrecognizable trace or from traces built material. It is a sign that the form is receding, forming a kind of formless clearance.
Sediment: Of many possible gradations, formed from countless particles, soluble and permeable. Live.

Huge thanks to Maria Bitka for the opportunity to organize the exhibition and to the team of the Proszków Culture and Sports Center – for their hospitality!

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