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NAWA PROM: Research Methods in Visual Arts Symposium

Published 31 May 2022
Kinga Bacewicz
Zdjęcie z sympozjum Research Metchod in Visual Arts

From 16th to 20th of May 20 PhD students from 15 countries stayed at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław as part of a study visit. This study visit was realized in the form of an international symposium: Research Methods in Visual Arts.

Throughout the week, 25 young scientists (20 from abroad and five from the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design) shared their knowledge concerning researches in the field of art. The participants spent this time on discussions and presentations of their researches, as well as on intercultural communication workshops.

The aim of the event was to support young scientists in their doctoral work and to improve their qualifications in the area of research work and intercultural communication. The didactic and mentoring tutoring for the participants of the event was provided by: the Dean of the Doctoral School, ac. prof. Jakub Jernajczyk, ; ass. prof. Anita Wincencjusz-Patyna, PhD; and Dominika Sobolewska, PhD. The participants of the symposium worked also on the area of intercultural communication skills with the training support of Kinga Bacewicz, the participant of Trainers School at University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw .

The event had an open character, created a space for intensive exchange of experiences and helped to build cooperation network between young artist-researchers from around the world.

The organization of the symposium and participants scholarships were covered from The PROM Program, International scholarship exchange of PhD candidates and academic staff.  The aim of the project is to create a mechanism of financial support for scholarship exchange of PhD candidates and academic staff programmes.   The project contributes the improvement of accessibility of international education programmes and increases the mobility of the personnel both in the field of visits of representatives of Polish universities and scientific institutions abroad as well as arrivals of scholarship holders to Poland, including people from outside the EU.


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