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Maciej Majchrzak – publicising the doctoral thesis

Published 25 Nov 2022

In the era of mass media, typography plays an important role in the transmission of information and knowledge. The number of publications is large, and the awareness of the need to choose the right typographic form for the content is growing. The repertoire of text carriers and methods of transferring knowledge is also expanding. The visual communication layer of science is an important and broad issue. In this context, a niche opens for new typographic projects and new typefaces.

Publication is one of the primary information carriers used to spread research results and disseminate science. We currently rely on two basic content carriers: printing on paper and displaying on a screen. We create publications with such media in mind. The expanding market of scientific publications and the need to communicate knowledge and research results require appropriate tools, including typefaces. New typefaces are created during technological and aesthetic changes.

The main assumption of the described project is to develop a typeface for the typesetting of all areas of science and for promotion of science and research results. Poli type family was created, adapted to the requirements of modern, diverse media of reproduction (screen and print). The developed typeface with a discreet personality may contribute to refreshing the communication of knowledge and the exchange of information. The first stage of work was the design of the Roman of regular thickness and width.

The Poli type family a project with a refined form and a wide range of characters. The typeface is legible even in poor reproduction conditions, but crafted enough to perform well in the full range of means of visual communication, i.e. also on a larger scale or closer to a detail. It is a base for a superfamily.

promotor: prof. Krzysztof Kochnowicz
exhibition: Posterbox Gallery, The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, CSU.CI, Traugutta 19/21, 6th floor, 18.11.2022–9.12.2022

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