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Granice::Wina | Taste, please and suffer

Published 04 Jan 2024
OP_ENHEIM performance, fot. Dzikie Studio

Take a look at the photo-report from the performance dinner with male and female artists from our Academy.

One of the December events accompanying the "THIRD SKIN" exhibition in OP_ENHEIM was a performance dinner with the participation of male and female artists, entitled "Boundaries:: Guilt | Taste, please and suffer".

The event was hosted by Monika Konieczna from the Drawing Department, accompanied by Sandra Kromer-Gorzelewska, Monika Rostecka and the Performative Research Club of our Academy (Barbara Kozik, Delfina Dolińska, Aleksandra Suliga, Nadia Tucholska, Izabella Kryla and Julia Wiatrowska). Mariusz Sibila was responsible for the sound design.

"Performances are like painting a picture in space, another important dimension of which is time, a factor that generates processuality and change. The search for continuity between life and death returning to another life are motifs related to the changes in the cycles of nature, which have been present in my work since my college days," - Monika Konieczna said.

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