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Published 30 Jun 2022

Since 16 June 2022, our university has become a full member of the global Cumulus Association by the virtue of a vote of the General Assembly. After a multi-stage and detailed application process, our Academy joins 357 members, from 66 countries worldwide.

Following the information published on the Cumulus website , it „is the leading global association of art and design education and research. We are a dynamic ecosystem for global mobility, knowledge exchange, and collaboration in art and design pedagogy, research, and practice.(…) we offer one of a kind opportunities through conferences and events, working groups and partnerships, and the sharing of research, knowledge, and resources.”

We are delighted to join such a prestigious group where we will be able to learn from the experiences of others as well as share our good practice.

The application process for Cumulus Association has been carried out within the STER project task 7 'Comprehensive internationalization of the Doctoral School at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław', which is a part of Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange programme 'STER - Internationalisation of Doctoral Schools'.


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