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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Print Media

Published 19 Feb 2024

We invite students to participate in a seminar and workshops with Paul Catanese, who is visiting the Academy as part of the Visiting Professor Studio / Fulbright Scholar.

Subject Name: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Print Media
Instructor: Paul Catanese – Visiting Professor, Fulbright Scholar, USA 

Bruno Waits

Seminar: A group of 8-15 students to meet every other week to discuss a variety of contemporary and historical readings about artificial intelligence in the context of art practice. A mixture of interdisciplinary and advanced students. Seminar will address history of intersection of the arts and AI over the past 60+ years as a way to frame the contemporary readings. 

Workshops: In addition, there will be a series of practical workshops in which we work with specific AI technologies and techniques used in image-generation.

Seat limit: 15 Students

Enrolment: Individuals interested in enrolling in the studio are requested to submit their portfolios or link to web sides to

We welcome all interested individuals to the first meeting: February 23, Friday at 10.00 am at the Studio of Digital and Experimental Printmaking 602 CSU.

Note! Previous experience in working with Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning is not required! Classes will be conducted in English. The requirement for participating in the Visiting Professor Studio is proficiency in English at the B2 level.

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