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Intermedia Photography Studio

Intermedia Photography Studio

Diploma awarding Studio


assoc. prof. Agata Szuba


The main objective of the year-long series of lectures and classes for students of Media Art is to analyse selected issues of the phenomenon of intermediality in art (with particular emphasis on its photomedia trend). The aim of the course is to recognize media phenomena in art in its theoretical perspective (philosophical, cultural and media studies) with particular emphasis on creative use of workshop skills, enabling free artistic expression, consciously taking into account specific formal and aesthetic values belonging only to photography in correlation with other media, such as drawing, painting, spatial installation, video, object as well as screen and multimedia activities.


Didactics in the Studio of Intermedia Photography is oriented towards developing students' creative abilities through conscious acquisition of knowledge and skills in the field of creative use of new and classic media, shaping understanding and conscious use of tools for image recording and processing, transferring experience from traditional areas of artistic activity into a new plane of digital, virtual space, opening new possibilities of contact with the viewer by introducing interactive, performative elements and camera-related activities. Intermediality is now not only an artistic convention in which the artefact functions in the media inter-space (as defined by Higgins - media fusion or Youngblood - mind/general case and brain/special case), with a multi-media and polysensory character, but it is also a referral of one medium to another, the use of their synergic relation in developing the power of narration, expression and broadening the area of the artefact; it becomes an artistic gesture characterised by artistic and social equivalence.


    Intermedia Photography

    Rudiments of Intermedia Photography and Performance

    Theoretical Rudiments of Intermedia Photography and Performance




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