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Intaglio Studio

Intaglio Studio

Diploma awarding Studio (407)


prof. Przemysław Tyszkiewicz

ass. prof Agata Gertchen, PhD

ass. tutor Beata Filipowicz, MFA

lab. Technician Vinicius Libardoni


Along with a perfect mastery of printmaking techniques, the studio places great emphasis on the development of artistic awareness and the ability to specify one's own artistic expression at an ever higher level. Monumental prints made in classical techniques are also a specific feature of the studio. The studio has educated a large number of academics as well as numerous winners of international printmaking competitions.


The Studio is a natural continuation of the "Wrocław School of Printmaking" originating directly from its post-war founder, rector Prof. Stanisław Dawski (the spiritual and artistic guide of Józef Gielniak) and its assistant and later the head of the Department of Printmaking, Prof. Halina Pawlikowska. Her assistants were the former rector of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, Jacek Szewczyk, and Prof. Przemysław Tyszkiewicz. The contemporary character of the studio is expressed in a full continuation of the curriculum, taking into account the latest trends in art, and the main emphasis is placed on the education of a fully conscious independent artist, armed with excellent printmaking equipment at a world level. The programme of the Studio includes comprehensive education in the field of unique print using such noble printmaking techniques as copperplate, etching, aquatint, woodcut or linocut.


    Rudiments of Artistic Printmaking (1st year)

    Artistic Printmaking


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