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Game and Virtual Forms Design Studio

Game and Virtual Forms Design Studio

Diploma awarding Studio


ac. prof. Marek Grzyb 

ass. tutor Agnieszka Talik, MFA

ass. tutor Barnaba Mikułowski, PhD


The studio aims to educate students with high artistic and professional qualifications, with competences and skills in:

    creating original projects using the medium of computer games - Game Art,

    creating original projects using virtual reality,

    creating 3D graphics and animation,

    using software for design and implementation of 3D graphics, 3D animation, virtual reality, Level design, 3D printing.


The studio helps students master and recognize methods and ways of creating computer games and virtual reality. Technical expectations and requirements of technological standards used in the process of creating computer games are also taken into account. Great emphasis in the studio is placed on:

    the development of artistic experimental forms in the field of so-called Game Art,

    creation of individual artistic expressions in the medium of computer games and virtual reality,

    the 3D animation creation process.

The scope of interest of the studio also includes:

    3D object modelling, 3D printing, virtual visualisation, character design, concept art.


    Design of Games and Virtual Forms | first level studies

    Design of Games and Virtual Forms | second level studies

    Basics of 3D Modelling and Animation

    Intermedia activities

    Rudiments of Multimedia


Presentation of a candidate's portfolio confirming interest in the subject matter pursued by the studio.


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Marek Grzyb

Agnieszka Talik

FB Game and Virtual Forms Design Studio

FB Media Art Students' Group