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Sacred Rotations, Małgorzata Kaczmarska

Published 05 Dec 2023
7 Dec 2023 — 7 Jan 2024

Galeria Pod Psem, budynek główny ASP
pl. Polski3/4, Wrocław

Join us at the Pod Psem Gallery for the presentation of a mobile painting installation with sound.

SACRED ROTATIONS is a mobile painting installation with sound in which I used works from the MAŁGORZATA. ICON series.

The exhibited works are the result of inspirations linked to the history of icons. I took note of the figure's gestures as an important symbolic element. I also referred to the idea of prayer wheels supporting the fulfillment of wishes. All of these elements have universal qualities; they refer to sacred traditions and secular hopes and everyday life. A parallel aspect of the installation is the modernization of the idea of a holy person in the form of a celebrity surrounded by admiration and even reverence.


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