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Portret rodzinny

Published 13 May 2022
16 May 2022

Akademia Sztuk Pięknych im. Eugeniusza Gepperta we Wrocławiu
Pl. Polski 3/4, sala 115P

This workshop will explore various ways to reinterpret personal and anonymous family photographs.

Family photographs have a long history in each culture, but regardless of the difference in tradition, they can all resonate with people strongly. In this workshop, participants are invited to share their family photographs, archives, object, letter, etc. An opportunity to learn about each other's family histories, investigate the absence and presence in family archives, and rework individuals' stories or collective memory. Moreover, we will also work with anonymous family photographs purchased from the flea market, often rescued from the turbulence of war; participants will experiment with different ways to narrate and interpret such pictures as an outsider.

Through close looking, discussion, collage making, and reflective writing prompt, participants will reinterpret the images and transpose them into the language of drawing and collage.

Suggested materials to fully participate in the program:
- Personal/anonymous family photographs, archives, letters, objects, etc.
- Event or story that you would like to share through family photographs
- Printed material for collage such as magazines, newspapers, or screenshot images on the Internet that is printed out

 Kate Ngan Wa Ao

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