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Glazes - Tomasz Wiktor

Published 17 Feb 2022
20 Feb — 20 Mar 2022

Tarnowski Castle in Dzików


"The Dzików Palace was and, despite a tragic break of several decades, is again one of the most important depositories of our national culture, as well as home to one of the best collections of European early painting in Poland. Thanks to the energy and openness of its director Tadeusz Zych, the Historical Museum of the City of Tarnobrzeg has been consistently and boldly presenting contemporary painting in its rooms for several years. (...).

Looking at (...) paintings and drawings by Wiktor, it is hard to resist the impression that he has found in his work a specific visual metaphor, which turns out to be extremely accurate in describing the current state of human relations. On the one hand, the painter refers to the chaotic and technological limitations with which "ordinary people" use all kinds of mobile devices to register images and in this way "record" their memories. Out-of-focus, blurry photographs, often taken with dirty lenses of phones kept in pockets, are later circulated on the Internet and make us accustomed to their aesthetics, with which they monopolise our perception.

On the other hand, the technical means by which Tomasz Wiktor conducts his discourse, such as his superb handling of multi-layered glazes, his experiments with metal substrates and his attempts to incorporate their texture into the surface of the painting composition, refer to the spirit of classical painting and its rarely practised technique."
Jakub Pączek

Tomasz Wiktor - born in Nowy Sącz. He graduated from the Antoni Kenar Secondary Art School in Zakopane. Graduated from the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. In 2018 he completed his diploma in the Fifth Studio of Painting under the direction of Professor Stanisław Kortyka and in the Studio of Technologies of easel painting, Organic Painting Techniques and Mosaics under the direction of Professor Paweł Lewandowski - Palle. From 2019 he works as an assistant in the Studio of Architectural Painting and Art in Public Space at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. He works in painting, drawing, printmaking and music. Winner of several awards and distinctions. He has participated in over 110 group exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

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