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Glass under the microscope

Published 07 Mar 2022
11 — 12 Mar 2022
Wernisaż 11.03.2022 godz. 20.00

Wrocławskie Centrum Kongresowe przy Hali Stulecia
ul. Wystawowa 1, 51-618 Wrocław


As part of the classes conducted by dr Katarzyna Wantuch and mgr Natalia Moszak in Glass Restoration and Conservation Studio, students learn how to analyze historical glass under the microscope lens for research purposes. Students gain knowledge on how to properly capture microscopy images and be able to perform cohesive interpretation of the piece, to recognize and name various types of glass damage.

We start our adventure during the 3rd year of studies on phantoms, when we deliberately imitate damage on panes of float glass (with the use of scalpels or fiberglass tools). Man made traces are then precisely analyzed under the microscope.

During the 4th year of our studies we start to analyze archeological glass (which usually have had been set in unfavorable conditions, in earth deposits). Through a microscope lense we have the chance to observe MAJOR DEMAGE AND breathtaking effects of corrosion -iridescence, delamination and dealkalization. 

On the 5th year of studies, during our individual work on glass objects on which we perform conservation and restoration procedures, students also scientifically analyze surfaces of their objects through photomicrography in various levels of magnification.

As a result of our studies many photographies are being created, very often of interesting artistic value. We hope that they will captivate you with their beauty and unusual character. The microscopic world captivates us with its opulence and versatility. We wish you an unforgettable experience!

Exhibition participants/photography authors:

Marcelina Siwik, Maria Pawłowicz, Zuzanna Mikołajczyk, Agata Patejuk, Magdalena Jaskuła, Eliza Głowska, Karolina Dyduch, Natalia Kowalczuk, Weronika Sobczyk, Iga Andruszkiewicz, Natalia Kazimierczyk, Kordian Chromik, Adrian Francuziak, Agata Chaberska, Natalia Dzidowska , Maciej Gawiński


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