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Empathic Design

Published 29 Apr 2022
5 May 2022
godz. 16:00

Neon Gallery, Traugutta 19/21, Wrocław

You are welcome to join a guided tour of the exhibition titled "Empathic Design" with Ivan Juarez and Sebastian Siepietowski - co-curators of the exhibition. 

    In the Empathic Design exhibition we present objects and inventions created with a young generation of students in the spirit of empathy, responding to the needs of ourselves and the Planet. We explore the importance of dialogue and communication, looking for new regions and interfaces for them.
    We seek to provide evidence that design can intervene in issues of responsible development not only as a means to solve problems, but also as a mechanism to understand emotions, social moods, their relationship with nature and as a tool to manifest, critique, educate or prototype our future.
    We invite you to explore hybrid solutions!

Emphatic Design

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