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Chimera Mulitimedia Live Act

Published 10 Jun 2024
Chimera Mulitimedia Live Act
15 Jun 2024
7 pm

Teatr Dialogu

Krakowska 180

Experience a live multimedia, audiovisual performance by students from the Time-based and Interactive Media Studio.

6 compositions where creators will create audio and video in real-time. We follow the concept of the chimera a fantastic being made up of many seemingly mismatched parts. Join us and immerse yourself in our chimerical experiment!

Artists: Zuzanna Klara Bardian, Jagoda Golińska, Adela Górna, Bogna Korabiewska, Maciej Proćków, Gabriel Silva
Artistic supervision: Maja Wolińska, Marcin Rupociński

Chimera Mulitimedia Live Act

Entrance free!

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