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Digital and Experimental Printmaking Studio

Diploma awarding Studio

The Studio's educational objective is to develop skills in selecting and using graphic media in a way which makes it possible to express thoughts and formulate artistic problems. The main emphasis is put on the issues of form and idea in a digital image, as well as the acquisition of skills and knowledge in the use of digital printing technology in artistic creation. The specificity of the studio is also the coexistence of a traditional printmaking workshop and new technologies (digital woodcut), photochemical methods of image transfer (polymer techniques, photosensitive paints) as well as the adoption and exploration of new techniques and solutions.


The programme of the Studio is closely related to its employees' research fields which focus on interdisciplinary research and innovative artistic projects in the area of traditional and new media, as well as attempts at a new classification and redefinition of printmaking. Subjects of interest include post-digital and hybrid printmaking, transgressions between printmaking and photography, formal experiments with combining classical printmaking techniques with digital printing, with the third dimension - printmaking in installation and public space; generative printmaking; formal experiments with printing on alternative substrates; the use of commercial print technologies (e.g. UV printing, lenticular printing, water transfer printing) in artistic printmaking.


Artistic Printmaking
Digital Printing

    Enrolment terms

    The Studio of Digital Printing and Experimental Techniques at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław is open to everyone who reacts badly to boredom. We invite individualists and experimentalists, for whom an error or coincidence becomes an impulse and a driving force of the creative process, young artists looking for their own way of expression or a new medium. Freedom of decision making and action is an integral part of the Studio's programme. It is a place for all those who have an open and reflective (cognitive and critical) attitude towards various manifestations and forms of life and contemporary culture.

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