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Creative Drawing Studio

Diploma awarding Studio

Through personal talks, individual corrections, presentations and lectures, group curricular tasks and thematic workshops, we try to contribute to the students' conscious and free use of the language of drawing so that they are able to independently create drawing interpretations in the form of prints, in all existing techniques, independent drawings, objects, comic book projects, illustrations or designs of computer game characters or plans.


The programme followed in the Studio of Creative Drawing is an original programme, based on many years of teaching experience in running a studio of artistic drawing and the supervisor's own graphic and drawing works. The programme is largely based on the assumption that the foundation of any artistic activity is a drawing coupled with creative awareness. This conglomerate is the foundation, the rudiment of the visual arts and determines their continuous development. We propose to all interested students a dialogue based on free flow and pursuit of mutual fascinations. We offer complete freedom of expression and formulation of thoughts and artistic issues, particularly related to drawing, but not only. We respect individual expressions, having the character of an artistic experiment, both formally and technologically.


Creative Drawing-prof. Jacek Szewczyk, ass. tutor Sebastian Łubiński PhD
Artistic Printmaking-ass. tutor Zuzanna Dyrda PhD

Enrolment terms

An aptitude for drawing, imagination and creative thinking about drawing and printmaking.

Reading list

  1. IconData online museum of contemporary printmaking

  2. www.

  3. Exhibition catalogues: The Polish Contemporary Drawing Triennial Lubaczów, the International Biennial of Drawing Pilsen, the Drawing Triennial in Wrocław, the International Drawing Competition Wrocław, the International Printmaking Triennial Kraków, the Polish Printmaking Triennial Katowice, the Student Printmaking Biennial Poznań

  4. Karel Teissig, Techniki rysunku

  5. Maria Grońska, Nowoczesny Drzeworyt Polski

  6. Adrian Frutiger, Człowiek i jego znaki

  7. Jerzy Werner, Technika i technologia sztuk graficznych

  8. Wassily Kandynsky, Punkt, linia, płaszczyzna

  9. Wassily Kandynsky, O duchowości w sztuce

  10. Richard Noyce, Printmaking off the beaten track

  11. Richard Noyce, Contemporary graphic art in Poland

  12. Keith Howard, Non-toxic intaglio printmaking