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Supervisor in the Doctoral School

dr hab. Maja Wolińska

Faculty of Graphics and Media Art, Department of Media Art, Time-based and Interactive Media Studio

Biographical note

MA diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw in 1997. PhD degree in 2006. Post–doctoral degree in fine arts in 2016. Author, academic researcher and teacher. Based in Wrocław, Poland. Her research and practice focus on narrative methods used in contemporary audiovisual time-based media. For the last years, she has been developing a body of work using video and photography as a medium. In her recent work, marked by deep biophilia and growing solastalgia, she observes and interprets patterns, rhythms and landscapes unveiling in miniature and often disregarded biological worlds. Participant and organizer of international and local academic and artistic projects, residencies and workshops. Her works have been shown at individual and group exhibitions during Polish and European artistic events.


1) 2022, Random Check 3, Musica Polonica Nova Festival, Nationa Forum of Music, Wrocław, Polska
2) 2022, A Different Kind Of Order, solo show, Santa Monica Art Center, Barcelona, Spain
3) 2021, FLUX 2021. Festival de vídeo d'autor, Festival de videocreació, Santa Monica Art Center,
Barcelona, Spain
4) 2019, Invisible, Detroit Broadway Gallery, Detroit, USA
5) 2014, Szczecin European Film Festival, Ist prize in Polish Competition for ECHOES COURSE,
Szczecin, Poland 


Language of consultations:

Polish, English

Characteristic of the projects and research in which the PhD student is to be subsumed, including the expected practical and theoretical competencies of the PhD student:

- Artistic work exploring methods of creating narratives in contemporary media based on a moving image (film, video, VR, AR, generative image, interactive installations and live activities with image and sound), as well as involvement in the preparations for live audiovisual projects developed in cooperation with domestic and foreign cultural institutions

- Building "bridges" between artistic activities and the natural sciences

- A critical look at the definition and role of art and the artist in the context of contemporary media and audiovisual technologies

Characteristic of didactic cooperation between the supervisor and the PhD student:

Active involvement in ongoing projects developed in the Studio, cooperation in organization of exhibitions, presentations, reviews and shows, building a network of contacts with artistic, cultural and academic centers. Expected technical and conceptual skills from the field of: video and/or film, sound, recording, editing, and post-production. Practical knowledge supported by the experience of artistic work in the field of video or/and film creation – short narrative, documentary and experimental forms. Skills or strong commitment to acquiring skills and knowledge in the field of generative, interactive audiovisual activities, AR video, VR and 360o video, CGI engines, microcontrollers, network activities.