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Komorowski Piotr

In 1981 he graduated from the Academy of Economics, and he obtained his doctorate and habilitation at the L. Schiller National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in Łódź.

The area of my interests is well defined by the notion of "theatrum mundi", which I understand in such a way that everything that exists and is often trivial, as well as that which is created and artificial, is a specific staging, in which truth is mixed with fiction in proportions not established a priori. Infinite meanings of this "theatrum" permeate and condition one another on many levels, catalysing the explorations of successive interpretations of reality.

Awards and scholarships

2017 – Decoration of Honour Meritorious for Polish Culture

2016 – Academy of Art and Design Rector's Award for organisational achievements

2012 – Award of the Marshal of the Lower Silesian Province for special achievements in culture


2019 – Memorial Palace/Reconstruction, individual exhibition, Museum of Prudnik Region, Prudnik

2012 – Introspections – the inner experience of the body, individual exhibition, BWA Jelenia Góra

2004 – Incarnations, individual exhibition, Pankov Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2004 – Personifications, individual exhibition, TGallery, Bratislava (as a part of Photography of the Month), Slovakia

1988 – Orthodox Photography, individual exhibition, Foto-Medium-Art Gallery, Wrocław


2014 – Interdisciplinary Academic Conference in the Faces of Art series on the topic: Human personality and art, topic of presentation: Body and corporeality, Wrocław University of Technology

Text publications

2018 – Celebrating Time, critical text in the catalogue of the Time exhibition, BWA Jelenia Góra/Oblastni Galerie Liberec

2009 – Self-liberation, or several remarks on the nature of self-portrait, Format, no. 57 /2009

2005 – Daydreaming - a few remarks on set photography, Format, no. 46 /2005

1989 – Photography - Document or Illusion? Accent, Literature and Art, no. 2 (36) 1989

1991 – New meaning contemporary, Art, no. 6/7/1991