The Faculty of Interior Architecture, Design and Stage Design

The Faculty of Interior Architecture and Design

Dean of the Faculty: – assoc. prof. Urszula Smaza-Gralak
Vice Dean of the Faculty: assoc. prof. Agata Danielak-Kujda

The Faculty of Interior Architecture and Design offers daytime Master's Degree studies for the following majors: Interior Architecture, Stage Design and Design which are offered on the following levels:

Department of Interior Architecture
Department of Furniture

Full-time studies for Bachelor and Master's degree
Part-time studies for Bachelor and Master's degree
Doctoral Studies
Postgraduate studies "Fine Arts as a Discipline in Architecture"

Department of Design
Full-time bachelor’s degree and master's degree
Part-time studies for master's degree
Doctoral Studies

Department of Stage Design
Full time Master’s Degree (5 years)
Faculty of Interior Architecture and Design offers degrees up to Doctoral level, including habilitated doctor level in visual arts in the discipline of art design and accepts applications for up to PhD in Art.


Department of Interior Architecture
The program for interior architecture and design is based on two blocks of subjects – the first block is regarded as part of the basic curriculum and the second block consists of core subjects, which include human sciences and supplementary subjects. Students are being prepared to work within range of interior design techniques, furniture design and design of exhibition spaces. As part of the bachelor studies, the composition of the curriculum aims to prepare the student for all practical aspects encountered within designing. At Masters Level, more focus is placed on the creative relationship between art and design, conditioning the student for independent thought of enquiry. The final aim of the curriculum is to impart specialized subject knowledge, skills and subject ‘know- how’, encouraging the student to pursue lifelong learning in this field and strive towards personal artistic development. 

Department of Furniture

Department Of Design
The training program is based on two modules - core subjects and supplementary subjects from related fields. Students are taught to respond to the needs of the design industry while being equipped wide range of skills and knowledge covering areas from humanistic studies to well-balanced general knowledge studies. Training is conducted according to the curriculum of the Department of Design and the program of the Design Studios. Much effort is placed to address topics relevant to product design under different structures and functions. Those include a wide area of design, from design of modes of transport, design of visual communications of complex information structures, packaging design, design of tools and work environment, designing of everyday objects and kinetic design objects. The undergraduate level focuses on practical approach to design, complemented by artistic creation, the background knowledge of design and general knowledge. At graduate level, focus shift to more concrete problems of design and artistic expressions and includes a research component. All of the above provide for well-rounded skills necessary when dealing with formulation and solving design problems. The department strongly encourages lifelong learning and awareness of human sciences, when pursuing the quest of making art. 

Department Of Stage Design
Department of Stage Design was founded in the academic year 2011/12 within the Faculty of Interior Architecture and Design. The department provides opportunities for new trends, allowing to venture into developing a unique training mode for theatre set designers; film set designers and puppet designers. The training program for full-time degree is based on two fundamental modules- a group of core subjects and a group of auxiliary subjects, which expand to the humanities and supplementary subjects. In 2015/2016 the faculty offers full time studies at Master’s level (5 Years).