Faculty of Ceramics and Glass

The Faculty of Ceramics and Glass is composed of three departments and educates students in designing ceramics and glass, and in the creation of art within these two media. Based on enduring pre-war traditions brought to Wrocław by professors from the Academies in Warsaw and Cracow, and from ceramics plants and glassworks located in Lower Silesia, the Ceramics Department and the Glass Department prepare students for independent activity as designers. By familiarising students with materials and diversified techniques these departments create possibilities for personal artistic expression.
The Department of General Plastic Arts Education implements a programme that focuses on stimulating the student's artistic imagination, and enables the realisation of creative projects in the field of painting, drawing and sculpture.
The Department constitutes the basis for a five year program of studies and concludes with a diploma. Diploma requirements include the presentation of functional and artistic works made of ceramic or glass, a written paper, and an annex.