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Wojciech Kaniowski

In 1970 Mieczysław Zdanowicz initiated the Painting in Architecture and Urban Planning studio, in place of the Architectural Painting Studio ran by Alfons Mazurkiewicz. Previously, two studios under the name of Ceramic Architectural Painting Studio were directed by Eugeniusz Geppert and Stanisław Pękalski, and later (after E. Geppert retired) by Stanisław Dawski and Stanisław Pękalski. The studio was placed at the Faculty of Painting, Graphics and Sculpture but after the creation of the Faculty of Graphics it functions in the structure of the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture. Mieczysław Zdanowicz was responsible for the didactic process until 1999, in which he decided to retire. In 1995 he was appointed the highest reward for scientific and artisitic work- the title of professor. His interdisciplinary artistic interest (painting, ceramics, scultpure and medals) characterised by deep humanism and thorough knowledge of history of art, cyvilisations and culture, led to the establishment of highly interesting and attractive didactic program. This program was directed to adjust a variety of artistic creations into the landscape of contemporary urban areas. The leading subjects of student's works became projects of wall paintings destined to the architectural building facades and interiors, as well as the development of colour systems which would be used in the urban complexes, with particular emphasis on historic architecutre. Adam Chmielowiec, Janusz Jaroszewski, Wojciech Kaniowski, Wojciech Kapelański, Bogusław Pawłowski, Anna Skiba and Bogusław Story were didactic associates of Mieczysław Zdanowicz in the last 30 years. Architects Andrzej Chachaj and Mirosław Przyłęcki were his consultunats. An extremely important element of Mieczysław Zdanowicz's didactic program was to provide students with the opportunities to implement their projects in selected techniques. This concept was embodied in the Painting Techniques Department ran by MFA Stanisław Zima, then ran by prof. Paweł Lewandowski-Palle currently at the Studio of Painting and Drawig Technologies and Innovative Activities ran by prof. n. Jacek Jarczewski. Projects conducted in ceramic material are initially supervised by Mieczysław Zdanowicz and later by prof. Stanisław Szyba and PhD Joanna Teper, chairing the Technology and Ceramic Techniques in Painting and Sculpture Studio. With the beginning of new century, Wojciech Kaniowski (professor since 2002, educator collaborating with Mieczysław Zdanowicz continuously since 1979) assumed the responsibility for running the Studio. The original concept of the study program was continued, the most important goal of teaching was to prepare the future painter to conduct fully professional artistic work, based on ability to consciously shape the environment. The end of the 20th century was rich in initiatives promoting actitvites protecting natural environment and artistic interventions in social problems. New targets were established, with the aim of wider humanisation of urban areas through art. Awareness of the need for a substantial expansion of didactic program resulted in the change of this unit name into the Architectural Painting and Art in Public Space Studio. In 2003 Wojciech Kaniowski, as a didactic vice rector was approved by the Senate of the Academy of Fine Arts to establish the Department of Architectural Painting and Multimedia, of which he has been in charge since 2006. The department includes studios of the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture offering program that goes far beyond the artistic activities related to the traditional easel painting. Using the didactic offers of all studios established in the Department of Architectural Painting and Multimedia, students have possibility of unfettered artistic expression in any available media. The Department educators declared adherence to cooperate with Wrocław authorities and associations supporting cultural activities, expressing readiness for implementation of recomended projects into the curriculum, in order to obtain valuable artistic solutions, enriching the artistic image of Wrocław and the whole region of Lower Silesia.