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Published 16 May 2024

Techno-empathy in art and design as an expression of concern for a better tomorrow. Dominika Sobolewska

Combining the concept of ’empathy’ with new technologies seems quite controversial, and certainly raises a lot of arguments and discussions today. Technological expansion, especially the development of artificial intelligence augurs both much good and much bad for humanity. However, the most emotional aspect of public discourse is the bleak vision of the human tomorrow. While techno-evolution offers numerous benefits, fears about the collapse of all-human values, environmental degradation or loss of control over civilization seem to come to the fore.

Offsetting these concerns with the benefits of using technology is an important social challenge of today. In the face of these challenges, it seems crucial to strike a balance between the benefits of medialized reality and maintaining a humanistic socio-environmental attitude. This requires thoughtful and ethical development and use of technology, as well as the recognition that empathy should encompass both the digital and physical realms.

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