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Self-creation portrait, and Long Exposure times

Published 18 Nov 2022

After the long absence of students in the classrooms of the Foreign Language Institute, the Lingua Gallery presents the works of painting and sculpture students and graduates from the photography studio conducted by ac. prof. Małgorzata Kazimierczak.

The subject-matter of the works is Self-creation internal / social portrait, and Long Exposure times. The authors of the photos are students: Kacper Atłasik, Anna Maria Blada, Marta Buszmak, Marta Gawlik-Maj, Daniel Kotowicz, Janina Kudłaszyk, and Katarzyna Sikorska.

In the Self-creation portrait students define themselves through the attributes of their artistic work and workshop paraphernalia. Conversely, the assignment Long exposure times allows students to experiment with the technical aspects of photography and create artistic effects of motion, blur or focus, image transformation by use of light or linearity.

The exhibition has run since October 2021 and can be viewed until the end of December 2022.

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